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The Armed Citizen® May 1, 2020

The Armed Citizen® May 1, 2020

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In the early hours of the morning, a 21-year-old man attempted to break into a business in Mather, Wis. When he couldn't gain entry into the locked business, he turned his attention to a residential area, where he broke into an occupied home.

The homeowner confronted the 21-year-old burglar, who then left the house. As the homeowner called the police to report the invasion, the burglar returned to the home, forcing his way through the window of the house while yelling threats at the occupants.

When the 21-year-old entered the house a second time, the armed homeowner fired several shots at the burglar with a handgun, striking him several times. The criminal was flown to an area hospital, where he was expected to survive.

At the time of reporting, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office planned to detain the man after his release from the hospital and explained that he would face charges. (WSAW-TV, Wasau, Wis. (03/05/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives April 1959

A robber, simulating a gun in his pocket, entered a Menlo Park, Calif., market and demanded "all the money in the till." When the clerk had cleaned $190 from one register, the bandit moved him over to a second machine and demanded its contents.

At this point, another grocery employee, Albert Franklin Jr., who had armed himself with the company's .38-cal. revolver, attacked from the rear. Jerking the robber's hand from the gun pocket, Franklin trained his gun on the man until police arrived.

It was later discovered that the hoodlum had a long record of arrests. (Palo Alto, Calif., Times)

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