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The Armed Citizen® March 13, 2020

The Armed Citizen® March 13, 2020

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Around 11:40 A.M. on Wednesday, Jan. 8, in Pascagoula, Mis., an employee of the Jackson County coroner's office went home to find a surprise. As he entered his home, he found that it was broken into, and when he went into the bedroom he found a 31-year-old man going through his belongings. The man then produced a gun, at which point the homeowner pulled his own and shot back, fatally wounding the trespasser who fell behind the bed.

The homeowner then called emergency services by 11:44 A.M. As of Jan. 9, the homeowner was not facing charges. Because the homeowner is an employee of the coroner's office, another coroner team was called in to inspect the body to avoid a conflict of interest. Authorities confirmed that the trespasser had a history of robbery, including an incident from just days prior. (WLOX-TV, Biloxi, Mis., 01/09/2020)   

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March 1965

Alerted by a noise from the direction of their dining room, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. (Chuck) Wylie of El Paso, Tex., both armed themselves and went to investigate. In the dining room, they confronted an armed robber who had broken in by cutting open a screen door. The man lunged at Mr. Wylie, who hit the armed on the head with his gun. Then while Mr. Wylie covered the robber, Mrs. Wylie called police. (El Paso Herald-Post, El Paso, Tex.)

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