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The Armed Citizen® February 24, 2020

The Armed Citizen® February 24, 2020

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A concealed carry holder came to the rescue after a robbery at a Best Buy in Moore, Okla. It started when three men came into the store, took thousands of dollars worth of apple electronics from the display and attempted to run out of the store. Two of the robbers managed to run out of the door while the third was tackled to the ground by store employees. The other two robbers made it to their car and circled back around the parking lot to where the employees were restraining the third robber.

Speeding up, the two in the car made an attempt to run over the employees with the car. The car missed and reversed to make a second attempt. At this point, a bystander and concealed-carry permit holder stepped out into the road, putting himself between the employees and the car. He drew his handgun and pointed it at the driver as the car sped towards him. Seeing the pistol drawn, the driver stopped the car and put his hands up before turning around and speeding out of the parking lot. (Oklahoma’s News 4, Oklahoma City, Okla., 12/09/2019)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives 
May 1978

WW1 Veteran, Charles Griffen, 80, entered his Jacksonville, Fla., home and spotted three intruders running to the rear of the house. They had knocked down his wife and choked her. While grabbing his shotgun, which he kept near the door, Griffen noticed that his M1 was missing. In the back of his house, he trapped one of the men. Then Griffen heard a noise and turned to see his own M1 in the hands of a robber. “I shot him,” Griffen said. “ I only got him because he used the sights and I shot from the hip.” Two of the assailants fled while the wounded one remained there for the police. (The Journal, Jacksonville, Fla.)

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