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The Armed Citizen® October 30, 2020

The Armed Citizen® October 30, 2020

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A husband came to the rescue of his wife when a stranger grabbed her and tried to force his way into their Benton, Ark., home on Oct. 20, 2020.

The Tuesday morning, the wife answered the door after hearing the doorbell, thinking that it was someone working for her husband. When she answered the door, a man then tried to force his way inside. The intruder then grabbed her as he tried to make his way into the home, saying repeatedly "You know why I'm here." The wife then screamed for help, catching the attention of her husband inside the residence.

The husband quickly came to the aid of his wife and freed her from the grip of the intruder. Armed with a firearm, the husband prevented the intruder from coming further into the house, holding him at gunpoint while police were called. The belligerent, would-be robber taunted the husband by saying, "I'm Jesus Christ."

When police arrived, they arrested the intruder. As it turned out, the man had already gone through the couple's vehicle, but nothing was taken. Police said the intruder drove to the home in a stolen van that contained several stolen items including purses, wallets and credit cards. The wife, shaken from the experience, said after the incident, "Always have your guard up. I hate that the world has come to that." (thv11
.com, Little Rock, Ark., 10/22/2020)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives August 1969 

Two men entered the grocery of E.T. Hunter, 77, Ormond Beach, Fla. One asked for cigarettes. As Hunter turned around, the other pointed a pistol at his head and demanded cash. When Hunter grabbed for the pistol, the bandit hit him over the head with it.

Mrs. Hunter meanwhile grabbed a gun from under the counter, fired and missed. The shots forced the bandits to flee on foot. Neighbor Charles Hines spotted them and covered one with a gun until police arrived. The other was arrested later. (Daytona Beach Journal, Daytona Beach, Fla.)

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