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First Look: Amend2 S300 Modular Pistol Frame for P320 FCU

First Look: Amend2 S300 Modular Pistol Frame for P320 FCU

When the SIG Sauer P320 first released, it was more than just another polymer-frame handgun. The innovative element found in the design of the P320 was in its Fire Control Unit that sat inside the slide. This constituted the serialized component in the firearm, allowing owners to swap out slides and grip frames to build their perfect pistol configuration. Now, that concept has been taken a step further by the team at Amend2 Magazines, thanks to their S300 Modular Pistol Frame.

Going beyond even SIG's modular components, the Amend2 S300 Modular Pistol Frame allows users to place their P320 fire-control unit inside the S300 frame. The frame is designed to accept SIG P365 pistol magazines, enabling the frame to be smaller and thinner than comparable sub-compact P320 pistol frames. However, the top of the grip frame is still compatible with P320 pistol slides.

"The P320 has proven itself to be a reliable and popular pistol,” said Matt Bellitti, Amend2 General Manager. “Amend2’s S300 frame will allow P320 owners a whole new level of concealability. Now one handgun can serve an even wider range of roles.”

Since the S300 Modular Pistol Frame doesn't include a P320 fire-control unit, the component can ship straight to consumers, enabling them to reconfigure their go-to concealed-carry gun without having to purchase an entirely new frame. The grip frame also allows for a wide range of customization options, and the ability to attach a P320 slide opens up the possibility for sights and optics to be mounted on compatible units.

Each Amend2 S300 is made from a reinforced nylon polymer, which allows it to easily withstand the stresses and rigors of firing and daily carry. Amen2 plans to roll out the frames in mid-2020 at a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information on this new design, visit amend2mags.com.

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