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5 Best-Selling Revolvers of 2019

5 Best-Selling Revolvers of 2019

With the analytics provided in the Gun Genius engine powered by GunBroker.com, we've got a unique glimpse into a few stats that show sales statistics for many of today's popular revolvers. Now that we've crossed over into 2020, let's examine the top five best-selling revolvers. Certainly, the concealed-carry market has an influence here in several instances, but there are also a couple entrants that showcase the popularity of .22 LR guns. Let's take a closer look:

5. Smith & Wesson 642

One of the Airweight options in the Smith & Wesson collection, the 642 is purpose-built for easy carry, thanks to its compact size and light weight. One of the distinguishing features of this J-Frame revolver is the enclosed hammer at the back of the gun. This provides a consistent, double-action-only trigger pull and a snag-free profile that can be carried in and drawn from a pocket with ease.

4. Smith & Wesson 629

Large-frame revolvers are popular for a range of uses, particularly when it comes to hunting, target shooting or home defense. In this vein, the Smith & Wesson 629 tops the charts, and one fact that certainly helps this model's popularity is the wide variety of options out there. Within the 629 lineup, there are compact, short-barrel options that serve handily as back-up rigs for hunters, as well as long-barrel, rail-equipped models built specifically for hunting use. Customized Performance Center models are also available.

3. Ruger Wrangler

To lower the entry-level price point of Ruger's revolver lineup, the company rolled out its Wrangler in 2019. Available in a number of finish options, the Wrangler makes it possible for entry-level shooters to get their hands on an affordable, durable, dependable revolver they can use for training and plinking. For serious enthusiasts, the Wrangler offers a rimfire revolver option that can be used for a fun day on the range, and it doesn't cost as much as the company's higher-end rimfire models.

2. Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider

Keeping with the rimfire theme, one of the biggest players in the budget-priced revolver market is Heritage Manufacturing. The company offers a wide variety of rimfire revolvers, all of which are priced affordably in order to meet the needs of today's budget-minded consumers. Whether you're a first-time shooter looking for a training option or a longtime enthusiast in the market for a fun range gun, the Heritage Rough Rider lineup provides plenty of options.

1. Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 38

Finally, we make it to the top-selling revolver of 2019! With the growth in the number of concealed-carry permits continuing steadily, it's no surprise that the top spot on our list is held by a dedicated CCW revolver. As part of Smith & Wesson's popular M&P lineup, the Bodyguard 38 includes a number of features designed for defense, such as an enclosed hammer and an integrated laser sighting system.

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