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The Armed Citizen® March 18, 2019

The Armed Citizen® March 18, 2019

At a Prospect, Conn., car dealership, the owner and an employee were tending to business when two masked invaders burst in through the back door. Armed with handguns, the offenders began assaulting the owner and employee. Luckily, an armed patron happened to be in the building, and he opened fire on the two attackers. Both men fled through the back door. Police and EMS found one attacker nearby, and he was subsequently declared deceased at the scene. (Citizen’s News, Prospect, Conn., 12/13/18)

The Armed Citizen Extra
An online scammer attempted to rob the wrong person in Galveston County, Texas, early one Tuesday morning. The would-be criminal listed an iPhone on an online retail site for $500, and when someone expressed interest in the transaction, agreed to meet him in a rural area northwest of Santa Fe. Upon arrival however, the robber gave his customer an empty iPhone box, before attempting to rob him of the $500. Unfortunately for him, his intended victim was a well-armed and licensed concealed-carry holder, who shot them three times. The man was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. (KHOU11, Galveston County, Texas, 02/20/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
March 1965
As Donald Carter of Rapid City, S. Dak., passed a service station in the early morning hours, he noticed a man entering the station through a window. Carter hurried to his home, told his wife to call police, and then returned to the station with his rifle. Carter held the burglar at gun pointt until police arrived. (Rapid City Daily Journal)

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