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The Armed Citizen® September 21, 2018

The Armed Citizen® September 21, 2018

One employee at a George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee is undoubtedly glad that one of her co-workers owns and carries a gun. The woman was cooking behind the counter when a man walked up to her and slugged her in the face, giving her a concussion. After the injured cook stumbled away, a colleague emerged from another area of the restaurant, pointed a gun at the assailant and directed him to leave. Surveillance cameras recorded the incident, and police disseminated the clip to get help finding the suspect. (jsonline.com, Milwaukee, WI, 7/6/18) 

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A fight broke out among family members inside a home, migrating outside the house when the homeowner threatened to call the police. The homeowner was holding a 4-month-old infant and had been helping another family member study for a test when the confrontation broke out among two others in the house. Still holding the infant, he exited to the porch in an attempt to stop the fight, which is when the aggressor turned and charged at him, beating him in the face and head, nearly causing him to drop the baby on the concrete. Fearing for his life and that of the infant, he drew his legally concealed firearm and fired once at his attacker, hitting him in the chest and killing him. The infant was unharmed, and the man, suffering minor injuries, was not charged. The attacker had a lengthy criminal history. (Red Bluff Daily News, Redding, CA, 8/23/18)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives 
September 1961
Two hoodlums rushed into Floyd E. Mock’s hardware store in Kansas City, Mo., struck a customer with a gun, and began beating Mock. Mock’s clerk rushed hammer in hand to his aid, struck one bandit on the head and was shot down. Even while being beaten, Mock reached under the counter for his cal. .22 pistol and opened fire. Although himself shot in the shoulder and groin, Mock managed to kill one of the thugs and wound the other. (AP, Kansas City, MO)

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