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Latest Loads: 9 mm Luger

Latest Loads: 9 mm Luger

Becoming an accomplished, defensive-minded pistol shooter requires significant trigger time. Forget infrequent forays to the range and expending a single, 50-count box of ammunition during each visit, you need to shoot—a lot!

But, when expended in volume, even inexpensive, full-metal-jacket 9 mm Luger ammunition gets costly. “Stretch your dollar” by handloading non-jacketed, copper-plated lead bullets, such as the U.S.-made Rainier LeadSafe 115-gr. hollow point. Because the projectile sells for $0.08 to $0.10 each (midwayusa.com)—about half the cost of most jacketed hollow points—ammunition loaded to the recipe nearby will cost you around $0.13 per round—provided that you already have the cases. That’s about $0.08 less per round than imported, steel-cased loads with bi-metal bullets, or around $6.50 per 50-count box. Now, what’s your excuse not to practice?

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