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The Armed Citizen® June 25, 2018

The Armed Citizen® June 25, 2018

Returning to the scene of the crime was not a good idea for a couple of suspected burglars in Nashville, Tenn. The two men allegedly broke into a home and attacked the woman who was inside. Shortly thereafter, the man of the house returned home. When the homeowner entered, one of the intruders struck him in the head with a blunt object, dazing him. The resident was then restrained and shoved into another room, where they told him to open his gun safe so they could steal the firearms. The stunned homeowner complied, and the intruders apparently took off with three long guns and a pistol in hand. The male victim then armed himself and started to try to find his wife. Instead, he found the intruders, one of whom he shot fatally. The dead man was identified as someone with a rap sheet for auto burglary, felony theft and other misdeeds. He was also a suspect in a break-in at the same home a month or two earlier. (The Tennessean, Nashville, TN, 3/29/18)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
When a man attempted to enter a locked residence early one Thursday morning, the homeowner was having none of that. After the criminal had forcibly gained entry into the home, the resident shot the intruder with his pistol. The criminal was taken to a hospital and the homeowner was not charged. (Norfolk Daily News, Wisner, NE, 5/24/18) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
June 1962
With one hand thrust forward in his pocket and a handkerchief over his face, a man walked into a grocery store in Tulsa, Okla., operated by Charles L. Diven and told the grocer: “This is it. Give me the money.” Grabbing his cal. .45 automatic, the grocer replied. “This is it alright, take your hand out of your pocket.” The gunman wheeled and ran away, Diven holding his fire. (Tulsa Sunday World, Tulsa, OK)

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