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The Armed Citizen® March 26, 2018

The Armed Citizen® March 26, 2018

Three miscreants against one bystander are not good odds, but a gun can level the playing field for the would-be victim, as a recent break-in near Atlanta shows. Three burglary suspects gained entry to a man’s residence during a Georgia home invasion in early January. While the homeowner investigated a noise he heard around 3 a.m., he spied the three intruders, at least one of whom was armed. Gunfire was exchanged, but the armed citizen was more accurate, killing one of the thugs. The other two exited the house and fled in a car. The resident was shot in the leg during the gunfight. (Gwinnett Daily Post, Gwinnett, GA, 1/9/18) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
An elderly man got into a tussle when two intruders broke into his home late one night. As the homeowner was jolted awake by the sound of people breaking into his house, he grabbed his gun that he keeps under his pillow. When he emerged from his bedroom, one of the intruders grabbed the older man, knocking him to the floor. As the three men were fighting each other, the homeowner fired one shot, killing one of his attackers. The other trespasser ran off. (Reading Eagle, Ellwood City, PA, 12/8/17) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
March 1973
Oscar Dailey was visiting his mother-in-law in her El Paso, Texas, apartment when a prowler entered. Upon being discovered, the intruder began yelling. Dailey grabbed a .22 pistol from a kitchen drawer and shot the man in the leg. Police arrested the prowler, who was charged with burglary. (El Paso Herald-Post, El Paso, TX)

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