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The Armed Citizen® February 2, 2018

The Armed Citizen® February 2, 2018

When something seems a little bit off-kilter, it can trigger warning flags in a vigilant person’s mind. One former Marine in Arkansas illustrates that case. He went outside one morning to wave goodbye to his wife, who was on her way to work. Then he noticed that his trashcan wasn’t in its proper place. He felt it in his gut that something was wrong—and he was right. He raised the lid and saw a man crouched in the container. The military veteran held the individual at gunpoint and called the police. It turns out that the “trash man” was a suspected felon who had used a radar gun to break a window in the rear of a police cruiser and escape. In addition to the second-degree battery charge, he now faces charges related to fleeing police custody. (katv.com, Little Rock, AR, 10/25/17) 

The Armed Citizen® Extra
Two individuals were home one Sunday night when an intruder tried to break into their home. The trespasser broke the glass out of the front door and was trying to unlock it when one of the individuals inside the home shot and killed the criminal. The person who shot the intruder was not arrested. (Kentucky.com, Cynthiana, KY, 12/18/17) 

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
February 1970
Two men with robbery on their minds were dissuaded when they discovered that their target, Columbus, Ohio, gun shop owner Charles R. Braun, was armed. The men entered the shop and one drew a knife, but when they saw that Braun was wearing a gun in a belt holster, they turned and fled. (Dispatch, Columbus, OH)

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