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The Armed Citizen® October 26

The Armed Citizen® October 26

Louisiana woman who owns a .22 rifle used it to defend herself against a two-legged snake. When someone came to her door, she thought it was the deliveryman with the package she was expecting. Instead, she found a man who started talking “like a stalker”—saying he had been watching her home and such. As he droned on, his hands wandered between his legs, where he began touching himself through his pants. That was lewd enough to make the woman grab her rifle and shoot. He bolted as the bullet struck the ground at his feet. (wbrz.com, Baton Rouge, La., 8/9/18)

The Armed Citizen Extra

Sometimes you can solve a problem without even firing a shot. Such was the case for a Cleveland man who awoke to the sounds of a burglar in his home. Grabbing his shotgun, the man waiting for the burglar at the top of the stairs. When the man began to ascend, he administered a simple warning: “I will shoot you.” That was enough for the befuddled burglar, who fled without hesitation. The man reported only his camera, cell phone and car keys were stolen by the intruder, who is still on the loose. (cleveland.com, Cleveland, Ohio, 9/21/18)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
October 1976

Rickie Curtis was on the phone to police after hearing someone attempting to gain entrance to his Alderson, Okla., home. But when an intruder kicked in the front door, Curtis dropped the phone and went for his .38. When the man started toward him, the homeowner fired, killing the man. (The News-Capital & Democrat, McAlester, Okla.)

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