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Video—ARTV: Winchester 150, Part 1

To know Winchester may be to know Smith & Wesson, as NRA Museums Senior Curator Phil Schreier remarks in the opening of this video, but to know Winchester is also to know a key part of American history, and the history of the frontier. From the original designs behind the scenes with Smith & Wesson, to the industry-changing firearms that actually came to production, this video explores the deep-rooted history of Winchester, and their gradual metamorphosis of the lever gun design from the original Model 1866, to the classic Model 1886 in 45-70, to the wildly popular Model 1894. If you’re a fan of American history, the history of the firearm industry, or even someone more technically minded, interested in how a design evolves over time, make sure not to miss this segment from American Rifleman TV.

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