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Video: On the Range with SilencerCo and the Maxim 9 Pistol

Utah-based firearm sound suppressor maker SilencerCo has a “cans do” attitude toward the future of quiet guns. In fact, the company, currently one of the leaders in the manufacture of conventional cylindrical suppressors that thread to the end of pistol and rifle barrels, views itself as a budding gunmaker. Why? Because the best way to engineer a suppressor is to customize it to the particular firearm to which it will be attached. So why not, the company reasons, just make both? In this case, the company’s first firearm, the Maxim 9, is an integrally suppressed 9 mm Luger semi-automatic pistol that operates, looks and sounds like none other. 


Although we had a chance to fire this pistol at the 2017 SHOT Show, American Rifleman's Brian Sheetz recently sat down at the NRA Headquarters Range to learn a bit more about this firearm, and you can see the video here.

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