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Tonight on American Rifleman TV: The Men and Guns of the Pacific War, Part 5

This week, American Rifleman Television continues its six-part in-depth look at The Men and Guns of the Pacific War. When U.S. forces sought to capture an advanced airfield where shorter-range American fighters could be based, Iwo Jima was the only island that made sense. Now, Americans are only allowed on the island of Iwo Jima one day a year, and this year the ARTV crew was there. 

For our “Rifleman Review,” we head to the range with the Remington V3 semi-automatic shotgun. For “I Have This Old Gun,” we examine the Model 1863 Springfield rifle-musket as used during the American Civil War. 

Watch a preview of tonight’s show.

Watch past segments of American Rifleman TV at americanrifleman.org/artv, and tune into Outdoor Channel Wednesday nights for all new episodes.

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