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The Armed Citizen® December 16, 2016

The Armed Citizen® December 16, 2016

In Chicago, a concealed-carry permit holder warded off an attack late one night. As the armed citizen was sitting with another man in his car, two aggressors with guns approached and attempted to rob the two men. The quick-thinking armed citizen thwarted the attack, firing at the bad guys and hitting one of them. The assailant who was shot was later declared dead at the scene, while the second bad guy got away. (DNAInfo.com, Chicago, IL, 9/29/16)

The Armed Citizen® Extra
A deputy police officer was assisting the Florida Highway Patrol tend to an auto accident when a driver in another vehicle unrelated to the crash nearly struck him. Believing the incident was intentional, the officer began a chase along the southbound lanes of the interstate. The man stopped at an off ramp, got out of his car and approached the officer as he exited his patrol car, and slammed him to the ground. The officer was unable to break free and was struggling to retain his weapon from his attacker. A nearby witness, a CCW permit holder whom the sheriff’s office is calling a Good Samaritan, shot the man after he failed to heed his warnings for him to stop attacking the officer. The officer is recovering from his injuries. (The News-Press, Fort Myers, FL, 11/16/16)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
December 1982
A jogger stepped into the Miami Lakes, Fla., real estate office of Gerri Fontanella, inquired about a townhouse and locked the door when she turned around. After ordering her to disrobe, he stabbed her in the stomach, then forced her into a back room. When he looked away, Fontanella was able to unstrap a small pistol secured to her ankle and fire a shot that grazed the assailant. The man fled but was later apprehended and charged with several counts, including attempted first-degree murder. (The Herald, Miami, FL)

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