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Yet Another Explanation for the Ammo Shortage?

Yet Another Explanation for the Ammo Shortage?

While I have tried to explain the recent ammunition shortage through changes in the market, lack of capacity, hoarding and simply more shooters wanting to expend the same number of rounds the firearm industry is capable of manufacturing, another possible explanation appeared today on CBSPhilly.com

How does simple theft sound? An employee of a Walmart store in Delaware was indicted for stealing "thousands of rounds of ammunition" as well as other gear from the store. While one employee's alleged theft of "thousands of rounds" likely had absolutely no effect on the national ammunition scarcity, the fact that it garnered national media attention, demonstrates that this issue is very much in the minds of shooters today.

Just to be clear, "thousands of rounds" could mean something as simple as a putting couple of bricks of .22 Long Rifle in his pants. Incidents such as this play on people's fears, but have little to do with the ammunition crisis that seems to actually be getting better.

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