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New From Ruger

In the past few weeks, Ruger has introduced several new items to its catalog, and includes something for every aficionado of the brand. Scout rifle enthusiasts will appreciate ¾ lb. being shaved off its original 7-lb. weight, thanks to a new composite stock. The rifle now also comes with a third stud to accommodate the type of sling Jeff Cooper advocated for his ideal rifle. For those in search of a smaller, lightweight revolver, the double-action LCR is now offered in 9 mm Luger and .38 Spl. +P. Want a larger frame? Check out the GP100 Match Champion. The .357 Mag. revolver successfully blends the superior toughness of the GP100 design with the slicked-up features many IDPA competitors have in mind. In semi-automatics, making a big splash with 1911 buffs is the aluminum-framed SR1911 Commander-style pistol (4.25” barrel). The pistol features a titanium feed ramp that will take a lifetime of abuse from sharp hollow-point ammunition use. For 22/45 fans, new Lite versions were added to the series that feature an anodized blue or cobalt aerospace-grade aluminum receiver that comes ventilated or fluted. To see all of these guns and learn more, watch the video above.

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