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Noveske Rifle Ammunition

Noveske Rifle Ammunition

Nosler is now producing Noveske-brand ammunition engineered to reliably function in semi-automatic rifles. The "stealthy" ammunition features black nickel-plated, Noveske-headstamped cases loaded with either Nosler Varmageddon or Ballistic Tip bullets, and both of which are also black. Interestingly, the polymer tips of Ballistic Tip bullets glow in the dark after being charged with a flashlight. In 5.56x45 mm NATO both bullets weigh 60 grs.; however, in .300 AAC Blackout the Varmageddon projectile weighs 110 grs. and the newly designed subsonic Ballistic Tip weighs 220 grs. As with the .300 AAC Blackout load, the Noveske 7.62x51 mm NATO ammunition is available with the 110-gr. Varmageddon, as well as a 168-gr. Ballistic Tip.

As for the subsonic .300 AAC Blackout load, the round-nose projectile was designed specifically for the cartridge and offers double-diameter expansion at velocities as low as 1000 f.p.s. Weight retention is near 95 percent of its original weight, and penetration depths in ordnance gelatin are upward of 18”.

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