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NormaUSA TAC-22 .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

NormaUSA TAC-22 .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

Given the seemingly insatiable demand for .22 Long Rifle ammunition, any infusions into the marketplace should be viewed as a good thing. NormaUSA heralded the call for more .22, and recently began importing target-type loads that feature lubricated, 40-gr. round-nose lead bullets propelled to a modest 1100 f.p.s, which results in 110 ft.-lbs. of energy. This load, which is essentially subsonic (i.e. slower than approximately 1125 f.p.s. at sea level with an air temperature of 70º F.), retails for $58.99 for a 500-round “brick” at MidwayUSA. Costing more than a dime per round, “churning and burning” could get expensive quickly; however, when available, it’s a less costly proposition than paying the prices demanded by the hoarders-become-retailers looking for supplemental income. What’s the likelihood that you’ll try this ammunition?

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