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Older Texans Preparing

Older Texans Preparing

According to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, older Texans are applying for concealed-handgun licenses at a higher rate than younger people, with even 16 people in their 90s applying to carry a concealed handgun.

While only assumptions can be made on the reasons, it certainly looks like older people in Texas are realizing that the great equalizer on strength is a firearm. People in their 50s and above in age are more healthy and active than ever before, but most have still lost the strength they had in their youth.

At the same time, people above 50 usually have more wealth than younger people, making them prime targets for criminals. However, with almost 600,000 people with concealed-handgun licenses, the less than law-abiding individuals in Texan had better be careful. They don’t know who is armed and who is not, and that is a good thing for honest citizens.

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