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Tyler Grip Adapter

Tyler Grip Adapter

For many years, one of the staples of the handgunning scene was the Tyler “T” Grip adapter. Actually, it was what you would have to call the “revolver-ing” scene, because these little devices were made for a variety of different wheelguns. There was no comparable need for a like product on automatic pistols, but it served a considerable need on the revolver. Along with a similar product from Pachmayr, the grip adapter increased the contact surface on the gun when properly installed. Essentially, it is a crescent of cast aluminum that installs between the butt and trigger guard. Held in place by a light clip that is covered when the grip panels are secured in place, the Tyler unit considerably improved the handling of the gun, even working a useful finger groove shape into the design. The Tyler firm that made these devices was in business for many years, but slowed down a bit with the declining popularity of the revolver. After a time the grip adapter-properly called a “T-Grip”-became hard to find.

With a growing interest in the snubby revolver as a defensive handgun, demand for them has re-surfaced. It is a pleasure to report that the company’s website has been updated and now offers the original Tyler T-grips (and the company’s trigger shoes) in the original sizes. They’re now offered in polished aluminum, flat-black aluminum and polished-black aluminum. Additionally, there is a new bronze T-grip and it really looks cool. I have made an order and am looking forward to getting a speedy delivery.

It is good to see a resurgence of interest in such a simple and effective product from the golden age of the revolver. For a great many handgunners of days gone by, the Tyler product was the only modification/addition they ever needed. Often, you still see it on used wheelguns at a good gun show.

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