Product Preview: Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Holster

posted on December 12, 2017

Tier 1 Concealed’s AGIS holster makes use of several materials in its construction and has features that improve comfort and concealment for armed citizens. In its primary configuration, the AGIS is an appendix-carry IWB holster with an attached magazine pouch. The shell is made of durable molded kydex, and the holster attaches to the user’s belt via two polymer clips. The holster also features a concealment claw, which projects outward and presses against the inside of the user’s waistband, helping to snug the holster close to the body to improve concealment, especially of the pistol’s grip frame.

Setting the AGIS apart is a strip of leather and a column of snaps. Affixed to the inside edge of the pistol holster, the leather strip and snap caps mate with the studs on the magazine pouch to give the unified platform a bit of flex to better fit the contours of the carrier’s body. The arrangement also allows the two halves to be separated to accommodate other carry methods, such as moving the pistol to the strong-side hip, as situations may demand. Tier 1 offers the AGIS for a variety of popular pistols, in both quick-ship ($125) configurations and as custom builds (from $130), wherein buyers can choose the kydex color/pattern and specify features such as threaded barrels or slide-mounted optics. Contact: Tier 1 Concealed; (385) 205-6005;


Uberti 1873 Cattleman 9Mm Revolver F
Uberti 1873 Cattleman 9Mm Revolver F

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Not that long ago, sporting goods store shelves contained an adequate selection of 16-ga. shells. The last few years, however, barely a box of any 16-ga. shells can be found anywhere. But that’s of little concern to those with a shotshell-reloading press, such as the MEC 600 Jr., close at hand.

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After 21 auctions in the 12 months, Rock Island Auction Company (RIAC), reports record-breaking sales of more than $121 million for the first time in company history.

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Noted artist and American Rifleman contributor Don Troiani will display some of his original artwork at his first-ever major exhibition, which is being hosted by the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pa. The exhibition opened Oct. 16 and runs until Sept. 5, 2022, in the museum’s first-floor Patriots Gallery.


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