NRA Gun of the Week: Beretta APX Carry Black

posted on December 25, 2020
Beretta’s subcompact APX Carry Black is the smallest in the series of striker-fired pistols from the Italian company. Originally designed for law enforcement and military professions, the Beretta APX series is configured to provide a full range of striker-fired options from fully featured full-size variants with optics and provision for a silencer to models such as the APX Carry that allows for deep concealment without sacrificing a good trigger, ergonomics and modularity.

Left of Beretta APX Carry black pistol with text on image noting making and model

The APX Carry features a stainless steel chassis at its core with a black polymer-grip frame securely fashioned. This design allows the operator to disassemble the gun’s sub-assemblies for thorough cleaning. Beretta provides an informative manual.

Closeup of black pistol with engraving noting Beretta brand with logo

With an overall length measuring 5.63” and height of 4.17”, the Beretta APX Carry is designed to live up to its name. The subcompact sports a Nitride-treated steel slide that is fitted with a 3” barrel. Standard capacity is for six rounds of 9 mm Luger. Beretta includes an extended unit with room for eight.

Black plastic grip frame and magazine extension for Beretta pistol

All told, the Beretta APX Carry is a U.S.-built modular design that provides its user with a life-saving tool that provides a customizable experience. The single stack cartridge arrangement reduces capacity while increasing its worthiness as a top-notch contender in the tight space of carry guns.

Black plastic pistol grip frame with button texturing and curves in plastic

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above to learn more about the Beretta APX Carry Black chambered for 9 mm Luger.

man in gray shirt with earmuffs and glasses shooting a black pistol

Beretta APX Carry Specifications:
Manufacturer: Beretta
Action Type: striker-fired, semi-automatic, center-fire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 3”
Slide: nitride-treated steel
Frame: stainless steel chassis
Grip: black polymer
Trigger: 6-lb., 9 oz. pull
Magazine: 6- and 8-round detachable box
Sights: fixed, white-dot front; drift-adjustable rear
Height: 4.17”
Length: 5.63”
Width: 0.9”
Weight: 19.8 ozs. empty
MSRP: $349

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