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More Firearm Launches Occurring Mid-Year

The firearms industry relies heavily on the three big trade shows a year, but mid-year product launches signify something is trending among the companies that want to get the information out.

Gun Of The Week: Springfield Armory Echelon

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week with a striker-fired handgun from Springfield Armory called the Echelon—a feature-rich semi-automatic design chambered for the ubiquitous 9 mm Luger cartridge.

Gun Of The Week: Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm M2.0

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range in this Gun Of The Week video to learn about the first 10 mm M&P from Smith & Wesson. It’s also the first 10 mm semi-automatic from the company in more than two decades.

The SIG Sauer M18: A Marine’s Take On The New Military Sidearm

Since SIG Sauer's M18 service pistol acceptance and proliferation across U.S. military units, the author, a retired U.S. Marine, is here to give his assessment of the newly adopted military sidearm.

NRA Gun Of The Week: KelTec P15

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week with the KelTec P15, the company’s first striker-fired handgun and also one of the thinnest 9 mm Luger concealed-carry pistols to ever hit the market.

New For 2022: Palmetto State Armory 5.7 Rock

Palmetto State Armory has released a full-size handgun chambered for the fast, flat-shooting 5.7x28 mm FN cartridge. The PSA 5.7 Rock is a striker-fired, polymer-frame handgun designed to maximize capacity with the small round.

NRA Gun Of The Week: IWI Masada Slim

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range this week with a trimmed-down variant of IWI's striker-fired Masada duty pistol.

NRA Gun Of The Week: Stoeger STR-9C Optic Ready

Watch American Rifleman staff on the range to learn about a compact pistol from Stoeger Industries.

Springfield Armory Announces Gear Up Promotion For All Striker-Fired Pistols

Springfield Armory announced the launch of its new Gear Up promotion, where customer who purchased one of the company's striker-fired pistols can qualify to receive three extra magazines and a dual pistol case. 

Glock Handguns: An American Mainstay

In 1986, Glock established an office in Smyrna, Ga., and the next year, it opened a second manufacturing plant in Austria to meet growing demand.

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