NRA Gun of the Week: Benelli 828U Sport

posted on August 14, 2020
Benelli’s 828U Sport over-under shotgun is distinctly different from the inertia-operated semi-automatics we’ve seen imported by the Italian maker in years past. The over-under 828U design was originally designed for 12 ga. shotshells and utilizes a lockup system that is unique to Benelli—a solid steel breech block, separate of the receiver, locks into the monoblock once the action is hinged closed—which allows for a system that is robust and designed to last a lifetime.

Black shotgun receiver with wood stock attached.

The 828U Sport is built on a steel receiver for increased weight and enhanced balance versus aluminum used for the company’s field models. Benelli provides bolt-on weights for tuning the gun’s balance point. In addition, an optional model boasting the company’s Progressive Balance stock system can further be adjusted to shooter. Benelli offers its well-regarded Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system for its 828U Sport as well.

Man wearing ballcap and protective shooting gear shooting a shotgun pointed toward camera.

The Sport model in Benelli’s 828U lineup contains features that benefit clay-target shooters by way of adjustability—the gun’s balance, choke constriction, sighting rib, stock and trigger can all be manipulated by the shooter for a custom fit without the need for specialized work. Though suited for chasing trophies, the 828U Sport in 12 ga. provides a chamber cut for 3” shells, so users wanting to hunt upland game can do so. Cryogenically treated barrels of 30” or 32” are available and Benelli supplies a full set of extended Crio choke tubes with each gun, as well as a custom-fitted carrying case.

Black shotgun barrels on white background.

Benelli provides an innovative and robust design with its 828U Sport. The competition-grade shotgun is not only smooth shooting, it is attractive, too. AA-grade walnut with fish-scale texturing comes standard with the 828U Sport. Compared to the high-end market of over-under guns the 828U enters, it commands a retail price lower than expected.

Black shotgun receiver open on gray background.

Check out our NRA Gun of the Week video, above, to learn more about the Benelli 828U Sport.

Benelli 828U Sport Specifications
Manufacturer: Benelli Armi S.p.A.
Importer: Benelli USA Corp.
Action Type: lock plate over-under shotgun
Chambering: 12 ga.; 3”
Receiver: steel
Barrel: 30” cryogenically treated steel
Trigger: 3-lb., 6-oz. pull
Sights: carbon fiber ventilated rib, red fiber-optic bead
Stock: walnut
Weight: 8 lbs., 1.9 ozs.
MSRP: $4,399

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