New For 2024: Springfield Armory SA-16A2

posted on May 20, 2024

Officially adopted by the U.S. military in the early 1980s, the M16A2 is one of the most recognizable variants of the M16 service rifle, and the design served until the end of the 1990s before being officially replaced by the M16A4. Springfield Armory is paying homage to this early variant with its semi-automatic-only SA-16A2, which includes a number of highlights that will stand out to military service rifle fans. Watch our introduction video above as NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe outlines the new rifle.

On the left side of the forged receiver, Springfield includes markings that pay homage to the original service rifle with "Property Of U.S. Govt." below the company's cross-cannon logo. In a nod to realism, a third position marking "Burst" fire on the selector switch replicates the markings found on original government service rifles, though this semi-automatic-only variant is not capable of burst fire, and the switch will not travel to the "Burst" position.

The forged upper receiver is a true A2 pattern, featuring an integral carry handle that incorporates the fully adjustable rear sight. Mated to the upper is a 20" chrome-lined barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO and featuring a rifle-length gas system and a 1:7" rate of twist, as well as M4 feed ramps for reliable function. The traditionally styled ribbed handguard encloses an aluminum heat shield to protect a shooter's support hand from the radiant heat of a hot barrel after rapid strings of fire. A pinned A2 front sight tower is found at the end of the handguard, and it incorporates a bayonet lug. An A2 flash hider tops the threaded barrel.

Inside the Springfield Armory SA-16A2 is an M16 bolt-carrier group, which is marked with Springfield's cross-cannon logo. The pressure-tested and magnetic-particle-inspected bolt is machined from Carpenter 158 steel and features a staked gas key. A chrome-lined interior and phosphate-treated exterior provide protection against fouling and wear.

Other classic, key features of the SA-16A2 include a true A2 pistol grip, along with a fixed buttstock, complete with an integrated storage compartment. Sling swivels are located in their traditional locations, and the gun ships with a 30-round metal magazine similar to those seen when the M16 was in service. Suggested retail pricing on the Springfield SA-16A2 is $1,249. For more information, visit



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