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POF USA Revolution DI: Redefining the AR-10 Platform

POF USA Revolution DI: Redefining the AR-10 Platform

Without a doubt, the Patriot Ordinance Factory USA (POF) Revolution DI will change users’ thoughts on how a .308 Win. AR-10 pattern rifle can be configured.  Typical AR-10s are often thought of as an unwieldy, cumbersome platform, especially when compared to its little brother, the AR-15. So what separates the POF Revolution DI from other .308 Win. AR-10s?

From the beginning, POF has charted its own path, enhancing the AR with many proprietary features. POF has made a conscience effort with the Revolution DI to harness .308 Win. power within an AR-15 frame, offering users superior terminal ballistics with svelte handling. 

To give an idea of scale, the Revolution DI uses same length bolt carrier assembly, handguard, barrel extension, charging handle and receiver group as an AR-15 while still offering .308 Win. punch.

POF has created a cult-like following with its innovative design approach. The Revolution DI introduces even more new features. For example, fully ambidextrous billet receivers, high phosphate nickel coated bolt carrier group, adjustable gas block and a single stage match trigger. The POF Revolution DI measures 34" with the stock collapsed and weighs 6.8 lbs.

The Revolution DI shot for this article exhibited a black finish, though burnt bronze is also an option. It features a 16.5” 1:10 twist fluted chrome alloy barrel that is nitride-finished and heat-treated for full corrosion resistance. A POF triple port muzzle brake aids in recoil management and flash suppression. Magpul PMAG LR/SR 7.62 magazines are used with the POF Revolution DI.  Magpul’s PMag LR magazine is becoming the standard .308 Win. AR magazine.

POF will never be accused of being stagnant, design-wise. Multiple examples of this exist with Revolution DI beyond the already impressive weight and frame dimensions. POF’s patented E2 dual-extraction method consists of four small channels cut into the walls of the chamber, allowing a small amount of gas pressure to push against the neck of the spent case.

The pressure assists in extraction by breaking the seal between the chamber and case as well as pushing the spent case to the rear as the extractor is pulling to the rear. This removes a tremendous amount of work that would otherwise be left up to the extractor.

The POF patented oversized 3" long heat sink barrel nut is another significant improvement. The POF barrel nut is much more efficient at heat dissipation than the standard AR barrel nut. Additional benefits are strengthening the upper receiver. This is important when accessories are mounted to fore-end.

The POF bolt carrier is a one-piece, high-phosphate, nickel-coated unit with the mechanical key built into the body and positioned behind the cam pin. This patented design helps reduce carrier tilt. The POF bolt carrier group features a chrome plated bolt head, extractor and firing pin. The finishes are both corrosion resistant and introduce lubricious characteristics to the action.

No detail is too small for POF if operating efficiency is increased as a result. Standard AR cam pins feature a square steel head that literally grinds and carves away at the inside of the receiver. POF’s NP3 coated cam rolls inside the channel of the upper, thus eliminating friction and prolonging the life of the upper.

POF touts its Modular Railed Receiver (M.R.R) as crucial for accuracy. The M.R.R. consists of two pieces. The upper assembly with a free-floating monolithic handguard slides on and interfaces directly to the upper receiver thanks to POF’s reinforced “backbone” flattop upper. The suspended handguard keeps your grip and accessories from impacting barrel harmonics. The POF fore-end is M-LOK compatible with top and bottom sections of rail for sights and other accessories. Quick detach sling mount slots round out the fore-end.

The POF Revolution DI rifle utilizes an adjustable direct-impingement operating system. The DIctator Adjustable Gas Block allows for the tuning of your bolt carrier group to the necessary operating speed. When your rifle runs too slow, or too fast, it’s more prone to failures. With the DIctator’s 9 adjustable settings and straight gas tube configuring to different ammunition and suppressor use is no problem.

The final touches that set up the POF Revolution DI for success are the triple-port muzzle brake and POF drop-in match trigger. Each facilitates better user interface with the rifle. The POF muzzle device is nitride heat-treated designed to control gas dispersion and reduces muzzle rise, allowing the shooter to have faster follow up shots and dampens felt recoil.

A nice touch that helps set both aesthetic and martial tone are the blunt strike prongs on the end of the brake. The trigger is single-stage, non-adjustable, 4.5 lbs. pull weight drop-in trigger. KNS Precision anti-walk pins are used to secure the trigger into the lower receiver.

Given the size of the POF Revolution DI, I wanted to treat it similarly to an AR-15 with scenarios, putting it to the test in terms of handling and ability to send multiple rounds downrange quickly and effectively. Working in and around vehicles provides this type of realistic feedback.

To maximize the POF Revolutions DI’s potential in terms of accuracy and flexibility, a Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 mm with 34 mm tube optic was mounted. The 1-8X power range offered by the AccuPower solves any conundrum posed by other more limited optic magnification options.

I have come to rely upon the Trijicon 1-8X, thanks to its magnification range allowing for close-range training evolutions with its 1X illuminated reticle, as well as engaging targets with greater precision at distance, thanks to the 8X magnification.

Initial accuracy testing involved Champion pedestal rest and bags, combined with premium .308 Win. ammunition in the form of Federal Premium 168 gr. Match, SIG Sauer 168 gr. Match, Winchester 168 gr. Match, Black Hills 168 gr. Match and Hornady TAP 168 gr.  150 gr. FMJ SIG Sauer was used for high round count drills. Muzzle velocity ranged between 2,615-2,770 fps, depending on load.

The Revolution DI produced 1 MOA groups at 100 yards with the Federal 168 gr. and only slightly larger with the SIG Sauer, Hornady, and Black Hills. The best groups we shot with the POF Revolution DI happened with SIG Sauer's 168-gr. OTM, which produced a .8" group, and Federal's 168-gr. Match, which shot an impressive .66" group. Federal's average of five five-shot groups fired measured an average of .75", which was the best of all rounds tested.

While the Revolution DI was more than capable of connecting with various steel targets arrayed along Echo Valley Training Center’s (EVTC) stepped berm out to 330 yds., working with it inside EVTC’s 360 Range and along the Jungle Walk Range would be the true measure if the Revolution DI delivered on its promise of a different sort of .308 Win. AR-10.

Drills started out with simulated cover while engaging designated targets in and around EVTC range vehicles. Scenarios where then set up to force magazine changes as well as moving to various firing points.

Eventually, the POF Revolution DI was moved to within vehicle confines, where evaluators fired on targets as well quickly exiting the car while maintaining rounds sent downrange. Steel targets are struck with awesome authority when 150+ gr. smack into them, especially from close range. 

It is easy to tell the difference between 5.56 NATO and .308 Win. impacts at any distance. The POF USA Revolution DI proved reliable throughout this evaluation with approximately 550 rounds fired, many of them rapidly, without cleaning it during multiple range visits.

The added weight and bulk of most AR-10s negate inherent AR ergonomics in many user’s mind.  The combination of AR-15 handling characteristics with the increased power of the .308 Win. cartridge is the key to the Revolution DI’s allure.

Years of experience and dozens of training courses have formed strong opinions as to what constitutes an effective fighting rifle. The POF Revolution DI’s ability to maintain a functional weight of 6.8 lbs. while featuring .308 Win. firepower is hard to deny as a potential candidate for “all-around” performer. 

POF USA Revolution DI
CALIBER: .308 Win./7.62x51mm NATO (6.5 Creedmoor also available)
BARREL: 16.5” match-grade nitride heat-treated 1:10 RH twist
OA LENGTH: 34”with stock collapsed
WEIGHT: 6.8 lbs. empty
SIGHTS: Railed for mounting optic and BUIS
ACTION: Semi-automatic direct-impingement
CAPACITY: Magpul PMAG 10, 20, or 25 round detachable
PRICE: $2,569

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