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Tips & Techniques: Use A Chair

Tips & Techniques: Use A Chair

When teaching a new shooter basic handgun skills, begin the first dry-fire and live-fire exercises by sitting them down. Bring a couple of folding chairs to a range with tables or benches—one for the student and one for the teacher. Seat the student at the bench and take up a seat to their right rear (for a right-hander). There are several advantages to this routine. For one thing, it is safer in that the student cannot readily turn around with a gun in their hand. Also, you can teach every major element of pistol marksmanship—grip, breathing, trigger control, sight alignment, sight picture and follow through—just as well seated as you can standing. Only stance is omitted from that list. The obvious reason is being seated is more comfortable and less shaky. Hits come quicker and confidence grows faster. Standing up to shoot becomes a goal the new shooter reaches more quickly.

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