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Editors’ Picks 2019: Hornady 300 PRC

Editors’ Picks 2019: Hornady 300 PRC

Hornady’s newest cartridge, the 300 PRC, is being advertised as the ultimate .30-cal. magnum, and perhaps it is. It’s always interesting to chat with the engineers in Grand Island, Neb., who, in their humility, tend to discuss ammunition innovations merely as inadvertent discoveries made while investigating other topics. In the case of the 300 PRC, Hornady’s assistant director of engineering, Joe Thielen, wanted a better magnum cartridge with which to test bullets. Happily, wink-wink, the necked-down .375 Ruger case paired with .30-cal. ELD Match and ELD-X bullets produced a splendid new cartridge well-suited for long-range competition and extended-range hunting. And, oh by the way, it is also already seeing action at the pointy end of the U.S. military’s spear because of its excellent down-range ballistics. Inadvertent discovery, indeed. Commercially, the 300 PRC is available in Hornady’s Match line with a 225-gr. ELD Match bullet, and Precision Hunter with a 212-gr. ELD-X. hornady.com

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