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Tonight on American Rifleman TV: Accessorizing Carbines; Kimber Micro 9

The AR Carbine is truly America's rifle, versatile enough to be used for hunting, personal protection and tactical competitions. And even though the carbine is plenty accurate with iron sights, there are many accessories that can enhance its effectiveness, like suppressors, optical sights, white light and night vision. Tune in tonight on the Outdoor Channel as ARTV heads to the Peacemaker National Training Center in West Virginia to test out a multitude of AR accessories. 

In "Rifleman Review," we shoot a small handgun—the Kimber Micro 9—not much bigger than a .380, but with 9 mm Luger power.

For "I Have this Old Gun" we look at one of the most successful submachine gun designs of World War II, the Russian PPS 43.

Watch past segments of American Rifleman TV at americanrifleman.org/artv, and tune into Outdoor Channel Wednesday nights for all new episodes.

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