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SHOT Show 2017: Inland Mfg. T-30 M1 .30 Caliber Carbine

American Rifleman's Brian Sheetz had a chance to shoot the new Inland MfgT30 M1 .30-cal. carbine (originally the T3) at Media Range Day during SHOT Show 2017. The carbine is the predecessor to the M3 sniper version of the M1 Carbine of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Like the original World War II carbine, this new model comes fitted with a period-correct Redfield-style scope base welded to the receiver. Consumers can have it with or without the 2.5X M82 sniper scope—a 7/8" diameter telescopic sight with post/horizontal hair reticle. The scope, manufactured by Hilux, replicates the Lyman Alaskan scope adopted by the military during World War II. While period correct on the exterior, the new Hilux scope has greatly improved optics for better light transmission and exceptional clarity, along with greater windage and elevation capabilities than the original.

Each Inland T30 comes with a period-correct clamp on a conical flash hider, oiler, magazine and sling. And while the original M1 Carbine held 3-6 MOA accuracy at 100 yards, the new Inland version is capable of 1-2 MOA accuracy.

: 5.3 lbs. without scope, 6.0 lbs. with scope
Barrel length: 18"
Caliber: .30 Carbine
Capacity: 15 as sold (one magazine)
Stock: Walnut; low wood design
Scope: M82 sniper scope - 2 .5 power by Hilux with 7/8" tube
MSRP: $1,695 with Hi-Lux M82 scope and Redfield style rings
MSRP: $1,279 without scope-without rings
NOTE: The Inland T30 will also take 1" and 30 mm Redfield rings.

About the original T3 Carbine:
The T3 Carbine originated during World War II (1944) and was used in Korea and Vietnam. The T3 was also fitted with the M3 infrared night vision scope. Considered state-of-the-art at the time, it was still large and heavy, thus the base was permanently attached on the T3 receiver, as screws alone would not hold it.  Its nighttime range was 140 yards (though often it was far less).

Many folks can remember seeing these now-rare, highly-collectible infrared systems for sale in outdoor magazines of the late 1950s. When the T3 Carbine was used with the vintage M82G2 optical sniper scope, it is said to have extended its "effective range" out to 800 yards.

For more, visit inland-mfg.com or mkssupply.com


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