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NRA Gun of the Week: Rock Island TCM ROCK Target FS HC Pistol

Armscor, known for its ammunition and service-grade Rock Island Armory M1911 pistols, is pairing these guns to a unique and proprietary cartridge—the .22 TCM. Speed was the key ingredient for designer Fred Craig and Armscor president Martin Tuason as they developed the TCM (Tuason Craig Micro-magnum). Using 40-gr. bullets pressed into a shortened and necked down 5.56x45 mm NATO case, the cartridge is comparable in size to the 9 mm Luger.

The Rock Target FS HC reviewed here is what you would expect from such a renowned gun builder of M1911-style pistols. Notwithstanding the gun’s widened grip-frame, double-stack magazine and switchable chambering—the Rock Target ships with a 9 mm barrel and recoil spring—the pistol is purely M1911 in style. Features include a 5” barrel, LPA’s fully-adjustable rear sight, skeletonized hammer and trigger, and it is parkerized for durability.

Manufacturer: Rock Island Armory
Action: recoil-operated, semi-automatic center-fire pistol
Caliber: .22 TCM
Barrel: 5”
Trigger: 3-lb., 12-oz. pull
Slide: steel
Frame: steel
Finish: matte
Sights: black, fixed front; LPA two-dot adjustable rear
Magazine: detachable box, 17-round capacity
Weight: 42 ozs.
MSRP: $859

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