NRA Gun Of The Week: JP Enterprises JP-5

posted on August 12, 2022

The JP Enterprises JP-5 is an AR-style, pistol-caliber-carbine, both lightweight and light recoiling, with many unique components for top-level competition use. Watch the video above to see the JP-5 Steel Challenge Carbine in use on the NRA Tech Range.

man on shooting range with JP Enterprises JP-5 Steel Challenge Carbine

JP Enterprises has earned itself a reputation as a manufacturer of quality tactical and competition components for the AR-platform, in addition to its firearm lines, one of which is its JP-5 in 9 mm Luger. Interestingly, JP-5 carbines features a unique a roller-delayed, blowback-operated repeating action housed within a set of machined receivers that mimic the AR-15's exterior.

JP-5 receivers closeup gun pistol caliber carbine

A standard feature of the JP-5 is a 16" JP Supermatch barrel however, the Steel Challenge Carbine featured here comes with a 14.5" version of its stainless-steel barrel and an integral muzzle brake just beyond the lands and grooves, which makes for an overall length of just over 16". JP's Supermatch barrels come button rifled, air gauged, cryogenically treated and feature a fluted chamber for competition-ready reliability.

JP-5 muzzle brake gun barrel rifle carbine 9 mm

The JP-5 lower receiver is designed to take standard AR-15 components, such as collapsible stocks, grips and triggers. Considering its 9 mm chambering, the JP-5 is also designed to accept Glock-pattern double-stack magazines. A 17-round Glock magazine is included. On the Steel Challenge Carbine, there is a Hogue grip, Mission First Tactical stock and a free-floated, M-Lok,, 12.5" handguard fitted to the upper. JP also offers its MK III Hand Guard System, tube-style fore-ends that are unique to JP Enterprises featuring tactile finishes and a plethora of accessory attachment locations.

JP-5 charging handle carbine receiver top

Overall, the JP-5 is largely bilateral, with an ambidextrous AR-style charging handle, safety selectors, magazine releases and bolt releases found on both sides. As a bonus, the JP-5 has all of these features while weighing in at just over 6 lbs.

man shooting gun jp-5 steel challenge carbine remote camera shooting range

We took the JP Enterprises Steel Challenge Carbine variant to the range and discovered it to be a fun and easy platform to use. Despite its relatively light weight, the recoil impulse of the JP-5 system is controllable, thanks to a combination of well-engineered parts. The sum of parts make the JP-5 a factory offering that is an ideally suited for competition shooting straight from the box, sans sights and optics. For more information, please visit

JP-5 Steel Challenge Carbine
Manufacturer: JP Enterprises, Inc.
Action Type: roller-delayed, blowback-operated, semi-automatic carbine
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 14.5" JP Supermatch stainless steel
Lower Receiver: machined aluminum
Upper Receiver: machined aluminum
Sights: none; Picatinny rail
Stock: Mission First Tactical adjustable
Trigger: single-stage; 3- to 4-lb. pull
Magazine: 17-round, Glock-pattern
Overall Length: 31.5"
Weight: 5 lbs., 11.2 ozs.
MSRP: $3,349


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