NRA Gun Of The Week: FN 509 CC Edge

posted on December 23, 2022

FN developed its 509 pistol platform as an entrant for the Army’s Modular Handgun System trials, and while the company’s design wasn’t adopted by the military, it proved to be an incredibly popular option on the commercial market. Since its introduction, 17 different models have come available available under the 509 banner. As a dedicated defensive arm built for durability, reliability and versatility, the 509 CC Edge, an enhanced 9 mm Luger pistol designed for concealed carry, can be seen in the video above on the range with American Rifleman staff.

Man firing FN 509 CC Edge pistol indoors hearing protection glasses

Right off the bat, viewers will notice the gold-colored, titanium-nitride-finished barrel, which shows through the slide’s ejection port and the lightening cuts just behind the muzzle. While it looks cool, it’s actually enhancing the gun’s capability, as the finish guards against corrosion and also offers some lubricity, ensuring that the pistol can cycle reliably, even after hundreds of rounds fired. To counteract recoil due to the gun’s compact size, FN mounted a compensator to the threaded muzzle of the 4.2” barrel, which redirects propellant gases skyward, thereby reducing muzzle flip.

Quartering dynamic angle FN 509 CC Edge pistol with optic

The grip frame features similar texturing and styling as those found on earlier 509 models, though this one is shortened for easy concealment. However, the frame still makes use of interchangeable backstraps to facilitate a comfortable hand fit, as well as generous texturing and stippling on the sides of the frame and frontstrap to improve purchase. An undercut trigger guard allows the pistol to sit lower in a shooter’s hand, and the flush-fit 12-round magazine comes with a short baseplate that allows owners to get a full grip on the gun for better control. In addition to the 12-round magazine, the CC Edge also ships with two extended 15-round magazines, and all the magazines include weighted basepads that ensure that they drop freely for fast reloads.

muzzle brake barrel handgun pistol

Despite the compact size of the FN 509 CC Edge, it’s clear that the compensator does the grunt work in keeping the pistol on target. Control-wise, the gun includes a mirrored slide-stop lever, and while the magazine release is a single-sided design, it is reversible for left-hand use. The crisp trigger had a short travel and was a welcome upgrade. Though the CC Edge is certainly equipped to handle most micro red-dots on the market, the onboard sights were comfortable to use, particularly given that they co-witness with a mounted optic, and the bright, fiber-optic front sight was easy to pick up in daylight. All told, the CC Edge isn’t just a neat gun to look at, it’s also a born shooter that has all the right features.

Importer: FN America
Action Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic, centerfire pistol
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Slide: steel, graphite PVD finish
Frame: polymer
Barrel: 4.2" hammer-forged steel, titanium-nitride PVD finish
Magazine: 15-, 12-, and 10-round capacity
Sights: removable optic plate; raised fiber-optic front, square notch rear
Trigger: striker-fired, 5-lb., 7-oz. pull
Overall Length: 7.5"
Height: 4.8"
Width: 1.35"
Weight: 25.5 ozs.
MSRP: $1,569


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