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NRA Gun of the Week: Marlin Firearms Model 336 Dark

The Model 336 Dark is the latest launch from within the Marlin Firearms stable of classics. The carbine bears new-age tech, metal treatments and adornments that stretch the confines in which this model and style of arm has lived within for decades.

This latest .30-30 Win.-chambered lever-action rifle is a viable tool with myriad purpose, too. Home defenders, hunters and plinkers alike will find the utilitarian approach Marlin employed as modern and practical. The side-ejecting Model 336 features a solid, flat-top receiver that was design for use with optics, and the Dark series, in its factory form, comes standard with XS Sights Lever Rail, which houses an adjustable aperture rear sight. A large front sight post, with a single white line, is perched atop the 16.25” barrel just rear of the 5/8x24 t.p.i muzzle threads.

Parkerizing was used to minimize the risk of metal corrosion. The phosphating process increases wear-resistance, too. Marlin’s Parkerization process renders a matte-black finish for the Marlin 336 Dark. Painted hardwood chosen for the buttstock and fore-end features a black-web-textured finish. The painted texturing provides users of the carbine with assurance when handling, especially when moist conditions are encountered.

Marlin included cordage wrapping on its big-loop lever, and a sling woven of the same paracord-type material. A rifle capable of withstanding abuse through excessive use, Marlin turned out the lights with its latest adaptation of its Model 336.

To learn more about the Marlin 336 Dark, watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above.
Marlin 336 Dark Specifications
Manufacturer: Marlin Firearms
Model: 336 Dark
Type: lever-action center-fire rifle
Chambering: .30-30 Win.
Barrel: 16.25”; threaded 5/8x24 t.p.i 
Finish: Parkerized
Stock: black web-textured painted finish
Sights: adjustable XS Ghost Ring aperture rear, white-striped post front
Magazine: five-round capacity, tubular
Length: 34.5”
Weight: 7.65 lbs.
MSRP: $949.00

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Barrl in hand and text calling out 5/8"x24 muzzle threads.
Rear-view of Marlin rifle with text highlight XS Sights Lever Rail.
Buttstock of Marlin rifle on white background.
Man in black shirt and shooting gear shooting a lever-action rifle on white shooting range.

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