North American Arms Black Widow

There are plenty of pocket pistols on the market today, but few can compete with the North American Arms Black Widow in size and portability. This five-shot, single-action, mini-revolver is only about 5¾-inches long, and although its frame and cylinder are made of stainless steel, the gun weighs less than 9 ounces.

The Black Widow is chambered in .22 WMR, better known as .22 Mag. If you’re looking for a hide-it-anywhere backup gun, or even a backup to your backup gun, the Black Widow will fit, literally.

You can get a closer look at the North American Arms Black Widow in the video below, hosted by Shooting Illustrated Editor-in-Chief Adam Heggenstaller.

Note: The Black Widow featured in the video is equipped with the VENOM laser from LaserLyte. This is not included on the out-of-the-box model.

Technical Specifications:

Action: Single-Action
.22 Mag. (.22 LR also available)
Barrel Length:
Overall Length: 5.875"
Weight: 8.8 ozs.
5 rounds
Stainless Steel
Black Rubber Grips
MSRP: $274 (laser not included)

For Further Reading:

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14 Responses to North American Arms Black Widow

suzanne frye wrote:
October 23, 2014

Thank u the video it was really helpful. Now I know how yo load and unload carefully. AMD also carry it in my pant pocket since I'm a woman comes in handy thank

Vinnie wrote:
August 11, 2014

You other guys say you rather go with this or that. How accurate are you? You better be darn sure that you can hit someone with only 2 shots. Otherwise your just going to be another statistic.

Francis Robert Hammes wrote:
December 02, 2013

I am a retired prosecutor. I have carried concealed 40 years. With this little .22 WMR for defense the cops will be asking me where the body of the perp is. Not asking my wife if she got a good look at the man who shot and killed her husband. A great little defense weapon.

Paul wrote:
May 10, 2013

I agree with Tom but I like my Bond Snake Handler in .45 Colt and/or .410 Shotgun

Carl wrote:
May 01, 2013

DWRogers... So, if it's a joke, would you stand in front of me while I squeeze the trigger while pointed at your chest? Don't be such a hater. If you don't like it, & have no real experience with it, keep your mouth shut.

doc wrote:
May 01, 2013

Dlyn, Thanks for the info. I was unaware that this change had been made. Long overdue. I no longer have any of these small revolvers -- got rid of them all and have warned a great many folks away from them over the years. I've lost track of how many others I have shown the damage these guns can do to the shooter. I've never had anyone buy one after seeing what might happen to them if they shot one. There are, and always have been much safer alternatives to these ultra small revolvers. To any doubters I humbly ask that you once again look at the hand position of the shooters in the Video.

Dlyn wrote:
April 30, 2013

Doc. The new ones have enclosed case heads. And they will install the new style cylinder for free on the old ones. I have two mini-revolvers, AND the Bond 45/410. Love them all, but the mini-revolvers are easier to conceal. got one in my pocket now.

Tom wrote:
April 30, 2013

I would rather go with my Bond Arms .44 Magnum Derringer with 200 gr. Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel ammo. With this ammo, the 2 barrels print closer together than any other ammo, and the recoil is not excessive with Bond Arms rubber grips.

DWRogers wrote:
April 30, 2013

One can get a 380 or a 38 for the same money. Unless you want to have a play gun but for self defense... It's a joke!

John in Vt wrote:
April 29, 2013

I own and have shot a .22 mag NAA for many years now. This Black Widow version interest me greatly, especially with the availability of the laser. In can see one in my future.

Doc wrote:
April 29, 2013

One of these guns is responsible for some brass I carry around in my right hand. If a rimfire cartridge should burst at the base where the firing pin hits it (and it does happen with rimfires, but mostly we don't notice since the cartridge is enclosed by most firearms) this design allows the brass fragments (including big pieces of the base of the cartridge case) to spray out in both directions, along with enough very hot gas to create some nasty injuries. The hand is positioned on this gun so as to be the unwelcome recipient of all this shrapnel. It hasn't happened often with these guns, but it can happen -- indeed has happened.

Lou wrote:
April 29, 2013

I love this gun but reloading is a bit of a chore.

Beagle Dad wrote:
April 29, 2013

I am fond of the shorter barrel and smaller grip of mine. It carries very well and is very safe when placed in the cylinder slot. Not a target piece, but in the 3-10' zone it will do the job.

Roger wrote:
April 29, 2013

I would rather go with the Bond Arms Over & Under 45LC/410 with the 410 winchester PDX