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Gun of the Week: Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge

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The Armed Citizen® August 31, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Brownells Emergency Preparedness Videos

Brownells has released a three-part emergency preparedness video.

Leupold "All-American" Carhartt Promotion

Buy a Leupold VX-3, VX-3L or VX-6 riflescope and get a free jacket.

Savage Arms Expands Line of Suppressor-Ready Rimfire Rifles

As the popularity of suppressors continues to grow, Savage parallels the growth by offering several firearms with threaded muzzles that easily accommodate aftermarket suppressors.

The M1C Garand Sniper Rifle

When the U.S. Army sought a sniping rifle based on the M1 Garand at the end of World War II, the M1C, with its offset scope, was delivered in small numbers. Never the best solution, the M1C performed adequately in post-war service and remains one of the most highly prized American military rifles.

A New U.S. Military Handgun? The Modular Handgun System

There have been rumors that the U.S. military will be soon adopting a new service handgun—the Modular Handgun System (MHS). Anyone with any familiarity with U.S. military procurement knows that nothing happens quickly. This is just a beginning of a very long process. While more likely than an invasion of Canada, it is not happening this week.

The Armed Citizen® August 28, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Beretta Tennessee Groundbreaking

American Rifleman's Mark Keefe is on site at Gallatin, Tenn., for the groundbreaking ceremony of Beretta's new manufacturing facility. He will be filing a full report later today.

Airgun Accessories

The shortage of rimfire ammo has resulted in airguns making a comeback as a leading form of recreational shooting and small-game hunting. Just as with conventional firearms, you’ll need to accessorize your airgun to keep it clean and get the most out of it. Here are some must-have accessories available from Cheaper Than Dirt.

Buy a Ruger, Get Free Ammo and Magazine

Purchase a new LCP or SR22 between now and Nov. 30, 2014 to qualify for this promotion.

Ruger Hawkeye Guide Gun

A variation of its popular Model 77, the Ruger Hawkeye Guide Gun includes all the necessary features for this type of rifle, and a few extras.

This Week on American Rifleman TV: August 27, 2014

This week, the focus is on the handguns of France and Belgium, nations invaded by Germany in August 1914.

CA Waiting Period Deemed Unconstitutional for Existing Gun Owners

Victory for California gun owners as a federal judge significantly limits the state's gun-purchase 10-day waiting period.

NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Wayne LaPierre accepted the ice bucket challenge and has now passed the challenge along to Karl Malone, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon and Lt. Col. Oliver North.

Cleaning Bolt Recesses

Is there an easy way to clean the bolt recesses in a bolt-action receiver?

Buy a Truck, Get a Gun

A small North Carolina Ford dealership is giving away a $350 voucher toward the purchase of a gun if you purchase one of its 2014 pickup trucks before Labor Day.

The Armed Citizen® August 25, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge

Though certainly better known for its rifles, Weatherby has long been producing a selection of fine shotguns. The company’s primary semi-automatic shotgun line, labeled SA-08, offers a bevy of options—and among its latest additions is the Deluxe 28-gauge.

Gun of the Week: Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge

American Hunter's Shawn Skipper takes a closer look at our latest Gun of the Week, the Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge, in this video.

GOTW: Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge

Get a closer look at our latest Gun of the Week, the SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge from Weatherby, with this gallery.

Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp partnered with knife designer Ken Onion to produce a powered tabletop knife and implement sharpener for outdoorsmen—and took home the American Hunter "Best Gear" Golden Bullseye award for 2014.

The Armed Citizen® August 22, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Size Matters: Springfield's XD(S) 4.0

Springfield Armory has extended the XD line with the XD(S) 4.0 in .45 ACP and 9 mm Luger. Now with a longer 4" barrel and extended magazine, the still-thin XD(S) should be even more appealing to smaller-handed shooters seeking a soft-shooting, “full-size” gun.

Savage Arms Rifleman Rebates

Get up to $75 cash back on any of 80 new qualifying Savage Arms rifles with its just-announced Rifleman Rebate.

Nosler AccuBond Long Range Bullets

Closing the distance for an ideal shot isn’t always feasible due to terrain features. It was for such long ranges that Nosler ABLR bullets were created.

Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro

With four modes of operation, weighing only 2.7 ounces, a laser to “paint a perp” and 100 lumens of lighting power, there’s a lot to like.

Throwback Thursday: The Impossible .22 Rimfire

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the American Rifleman archives. In this week's article, originally posted here in Sept. 2010 and now seemingly more timely than ever, we look at why the most popular round in the world is more difficult to manufacture than most realize.

Utility Rifles: Mossberg's MVP

Affordable, accurate and versatile, Mossberg’s bolt-action MVP rifles have expanded into a full line that can handle applications from varmints to big-game hunting to patrol rifles for personal-protection applications. But can one rifle really do it all?

Enter to Win SilencerCo Giveaway

SilencerCo, Noveske and Aimpoint join efforts to give away a dream rifle.

This Week on American Rifleman TV: August 20, 2014

This week, the focus is on German guns, in particular the standard sidearm of the Kaiser’s troops, the 9 mm Parabellum Luger P.08, as well as other versions of the iconic toggle-action pistol.

Moon Clips for Revolver Rounds

Thanks to an unknown handgunner, there's a newer way to get an edge in loading and unloading.

BLACKHAWK! New Serpa Holster for Springfield XD-S

The new fit is in response to customer demand for a secure retention holster for small, slim-frame handguns.

Daniel Defense Build Your DDM4 Flyaway Sweepstakes

Win a trip to visit the Daniel Defense plant to see the manufacturing process—and build your very own custom rifle.

Sportsman’s Guide Launches "Share The Thrill" Campaign

The longtime outdoor sporting goods retailer's rebranding campaign centers on uniting sportsman.

Inside and Out: Shaneen Allen Case is a Mockery of Justice

Police officers from the jurisdiction where a single mom faces charges for mistakenly carrying her gun, question the cost of gun laws and prosecution run amuck.

Steyr S-A1 Compact .40 S&W Pistol

This sleek, compact Austrian-made polymer pistol packs a punch with a comfortable level of felt recoil.

The Armed Citizen® August 17, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

5 Defensive-Shooting Tips to Avoid

Lifelong gun owners are usually well-meaning, but often they dole out some “sage” defensive shooting advice that is in desperate need of salt.

The Armed Citizen® August 14, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

The AR-15 for Home Defense: Reliability

In the Sept. 2014 issue of American Rifleman, Field Editor Stanton Wormley explores the concept and construction of a home-defense AR. Here he discusses the platform's user-resolvable reliability issues and ones best solved by a gunsmith.

The Home of the “Hairy Ones”

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the American Rifleman archives. From the Oct. 7, 1915, Arms & The Man, is the story of the French infantry—the poilu, the “hairy ones” —as the shelled, bombed, filthy, bearded men fought and died to throw the Germans out of their homeland. How frontline? Try 75 feet from the Germans.

This Week on American Rifleman TV: August 13, 2014

We kick off our four-part series, “The Handguns of August,” which features the pistols and revolvers used throughout The Great War.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911U

This well-constructed concealed-carry slab side is light weight and ready to go with a crisp, clean trigger pull.

"Be Weatherby" Sweepstakes Announced

You can win a Weatherby Vanguard Series 2, WBY-X rifle or PA-08 pump shotgun.

ARES Defense Mission Configurable Rifle (MCR)

The ARES Defense MCR's flexibility lends itself to being a carbine, an infantry rifle or a belt-fed light machine gun. Watch a video of it here.

NSSF Report: Rising Gun Sales Suggest a "New Normal"

Backed by the latest NICS numbers, the firearms industry trade association rejects the notion that firearm ownership is on the decline.

Win a Bergara Custom Rifle!

You can take home a Bergara BCR13 Sport Hunter—but you have to enter to win! Read more to learn how.

NRA Benefactor Honored at Prestigious National Event

Prominent gold and rare coins expert Michael Fuljenz, sponsor of ARTV's "I Have This Old Gun," was bestowed with multiple awards.

So, Really, Where is the .22 Rimfire Ammo?

Will the .22 LR shortage ever end? Is there even a shortage—or just a perceived one? On your behalf, we keep asking, "where's the ammo?" See what Federal Premium had to say.

Automatic Pistol, Caliber .30, Model of 1918

Officially adopted in the midst of our involvement in WWI, the Pedersen device was kept secret.


By Dave Campbell
July 08, 2014

Dave Campbell offers a look at the most popular all-around sporting cartridges.

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Latest Comments

Scott Roberts wrote:
August 29, 2014

The top 'All-Around' sporting cartridge for versatility is the 30'06. You can take any/every North American game with it. Many of the other wonderful cartridges named would be used for the same game, ie .270, .30-30, .308 etc. The .375 H&H is great for African/Dangerous Game, many great varmint rounds .223, 22-250, .220 Swift etc. Lots of great choices for whatever you want to put on the table. God Bless America!

John Thomas wrote:
August 27, 2014

Who is this Campbel person? Never heard of him and I have been an NRA member since 1944, now a Benefactor member. I have been into reloading since 1937. How many here can make that claim?? You name it and I've probably reloaded it over the years after millions of rounds. The .30'06 tops the list followed by the venerable 30'30 with the .270 coming in 3rd. To me Campbel is, to quote an old Navy term, 'Smoke Stacking' Don't forget the Korean war was just that a 'WAR' not a conflict, as stated, with 8,000 MIAs unaccounted for. I know it well as a member of 'THE CHOSIN FEW'.

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