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Gun of the Week: Ruger No. 1

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Gun of the Week: CMMG MK4 RCE I Have This Old Gun: M1 Garand—Korea Gun of the Week: Smith & Wesson Model 66
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LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Kit

Gain confidence in sight pictures, trigger control, accuracy and more with LaserLyte's new compact kit.

Seeing the Sights

Finding the best sights is still up to the shooter, but Wiley Clapp encourages folks to try anything that seems to give them an edge.

This Week on American Rifleman TV—July 23, 2014

American Rifleman TV stays at Gunsite this week for Part 2 of "Guns and ATVs." The Smith & Wesson Model 66 is reviewed, and "I Have This Old Gun..." looks at the German MP40. Get a sneak peek here.

Beretta Moves All Manufacturing Out of Maryland

While Beretta announced earlier this year that it was expanding its operations to Tennessee, the company reported today that all manufacturing will now move to the far-more-firearm-friendly state.

Handheld Zeiss Ballistic Apps

The company rolled out mobile software this week, designed to keep shooters on target.

AR 101: Hitting Your Target

Now that you have your AR and know how to maintain and handle it safely, it’s time to find out how to hit your target. First, let’s get on paper, then we’ll work on a drill designed to help you become proficient with your rifle.

Viking Tactics Double-Sided Tactical Target

The VTAC DSTT addresses the need for a realistic target that also allows for easy scoring, zeroing and repeated training drills.

New Jersey State Police Transitions to SIG Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite 9 mm

For the past 14 years, the New Jersey State Police has carried the SIG Sauer P228 in 9 mm.

SilencerCo Unveils Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor

The Salvo 12 provides a much-needed option for shooting enthusiasts.

Glock Recognizes Marietta Police Department

More than 2,500 gun safety locks were given out at the gun safety awareness seminars that drew more than 1,500 community members to attend.

Suppressors: What We Can Learn from the UK Experience

While gun ownership laws in the United Kingdom are very troubling to NRA members, the Brits are way ahead of us when it comes to using suppressors.

The Armed Citizen® July 20, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Selects SIG Sauer P226 in .357 SIG

The SIG Sauer P226 came out on top for its reliability, accuracy and durability.

The Armed Citizen® July 18, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

ARES Defense SCR: Legal in All 50 States

The ARES Defense SCR is a semi-automatic rifle that employs many of the virtues of the AR-15 platform, minus the "features" singled out by firearm-unfriendly states.

Understanding the Wheel

Wiley Clapp examines what today’s automatic-oriented shooters know about understanding the wheel (gun).

Throwback Thursday: Lessons of the War

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the archives. From the August 20, 1914 edition of Arms & The Man, the editors caution on siding too strongly with any of the combatants, but rather with the one whose cause is most just. (Armor Plate Press image)

Henry Repeating Arms Survival Kit

The Henry Repeating Arms Survival Kit contains a number of multi-use, high-quality items.

Snap Shots: Week 9—Welcome to Sherwood and a Lightly Used .22 Laser Trainer with A Dead Battery

When you have magazines dating back to 1885, you end up flipping through pages and chuckling at times over what you find, including this image of a would-be Robin Hood trying to make bacon one sharpened stick at a time. Come on, give it your best shot. You just might win this week's prize.

This Week on American Rifleman TV—July 16, 2014

American Rifleman TV heads to Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Ariz., for Part 1 of "Guns and ATVs." Get a sneak peek here.

The Lee-Enfield: The Greatest Bolt-Action of the Great War

Tonight on MidwayUSA's Gun Stories, Mark Keefe appears as a subject-matter expert on his favorite early 20th century military rifle, the Lee-Enfield.

The Elusive .480 Ruger Super Redhawk

Ruger's unique big-bore hunting revolver offers an excellent balance of stopping power and manageable recoil.

Where Have All the Mausers Gone?

Wiley Clapp says he hasn't seen a Chinese Mausers for many years. Was the market for them so big that they have all disappeared into safes?

Ruger No. 1

More than 50 years after its introduction, as more bolt guns and semi-auto black rifles seem to sprout from every major manufacturer in the industry, the Ruger No. 1 is still in production, cementing that at least for some, there’s more to shooting and hunting than technological progress.

GOTW: Ruger No. 1

Get a closer look at our latest Gun of the Week, the Ruger No. 1, with this gallery.

Gun of the Week: Ruger No. 1

American Hunter's Jon Draper takes a closer look at our latest Gun of the Week, the Ruger No. 1.

The SitRep: FNH SCAR 17s (Heavy)

The author, who served in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army's Rangers, earned a unique perspective to extoll the FNH SCAR's virtues as well as offer suggestions on what he believes would make it the ultimate weapon system. (Department of Defense Images)

The Armed Citizen® July 13, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Maximus Arms Gladiator: Built Like a Tank

Not your run-of-the-mill M1911, the beefed up Maximus Arms Gladiator has 80 dimensional changes from the original Government Model—and it's made from the same steel as an Abrams main battle tank.

American Rifleman TV 2014 Season Preview

American Rifleman TV's new season, airing Wednesday nights on Outdoor Channel, is in full swing. Get a video preview here.

Mossberg Expands Texas Manufacturing Facility

The state’s low taxes, smart gun regulations and skilled workforce were key factors in Mossberg’s decision to invest in Texas.

The Armed Citizen® July 10, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Winchester Razorback XT .44 Rem. Mag. Ammunition

Designed from the ground up for hunting feral hogs, Winchester Ammunition's Razorback XT gives you an edge in the field when using a .44 Rem. Mag.-chambered handgun or carbine.

Blackhawk’s Epoch Light-Bearing Holster

The level-three holster is weaponlight friendly and early testing shows it lives up to the company name.

Throwback Thursday: Domestic Struggle

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the archives. From the August 6, 1914 edition of Arms & The Man, the editors mull the outbreak of World War I and the imminent United States' involvement. (Armor Plate Press image)

This Week on American Rifleman TV—July 9, 2014

American Rifleman TV heads back to Barksdale, Texas, for Part 2 of long-range precision training. Get a sneak peek here.

Top Five All-Around Sporting Cartridges

Dave Campbell offers a look at the most popular all-around sporting cartridges.

Beware Those Bearing Shrubbery

Overnighting in a gun-free zone may be uncomfortable, but my trip last week highlights just how ineffective “security” can be.

Fifth-Place Finish for Bass Pro Shops/NRA Museum Chevy at Daytona

Austin Dillon delivered an impressive career-best showing in Sunday's Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.

Snap Shots Week 8: Where the Buffalo [Don’t] Roam … and Unclaimed Bacon

When you have magazines dating back to 1885, you end up flipping through pages and chuckling at times over what you find. Back before there were cartridge guns, hunters had to do it the old fashioned way with the muzzleloading longrifle. Why he is reloading and why the buffalo are not roaming, we have no idea. Caption this week's photo for your chance to win!

Going Viking: Pistol Bayonets and a Pistol Axe!

Okay, thanks to LaserLyte, most of us have seen a pistol bayonet, and here is a brief history of the dubious devices. But a pistol axe? Seriously? Don't make us go all viking on you.

Stag Arms Model 3G

Designed for 3-Gun competition, this rifle is so versatile its appeal is not limited to competitive shooters.

GOTW: Stag Arms Model 3G

Get a closer look at our latest Gun of the Week, the Stag Arms Model 3G, with this gallery.

Gun of the Week: Stag Arms Model 3G

Learn more about our new Gun of the Week, the Stag Arms Model 3G, with this video, hosted by American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach.

SIG Elite Performance Brings New Ammo Source to Market

SIG is now making its own branded ammo in a company-owned U.S. plant.

Gerber Cortex Flashlights

Gerber designed its Cortex flashlight to operate on either two AA or three CR123 batteries.

NASCAR's No. 3 Highlights NRA National Sporting Arms Museum

Austin Dillon and the Bass Pro Shops/NRA Museum No. 3 will take the green flag for the Coke Zero 400 on Sat., July 5, 2014.

Tac-Con 3MR Trigger

The drop-in unit from Tactical Fire Control offers not only a crisp single-stage trigger pull but adds a “third mode” of operation.

American Rifleman with Daniel Defense President/CEO Marty Daniel, Part 2

Daniel Defense President/CEO Marty Daniel tells American Rifleman what sets them apart from competitors.

Henry Repeating Arms Gives Back to Great Causes

At the 2014 National NRA Banquet and Auction in Indianapolis, Ind., Anthony Imperato, president and owner of Henry Repeating Arms, presented a check for $100,000 to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.


By NRA Staff
September 14, 2012

If you had to choose one gun—and only one gun—to get you through a disaster (be it traditional or zombie-related), what would it be? If you could have one firearm (that’s realistically available) to protect yourself, your family and your assets, what would it be and why? Here are 10 choices made by some of the editors and contributors in NRA Publications. What would you choose? Let us know.

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Latest Comments

John Quigley wrote:
July 22, 2014

I have a Mossberg AR in 5.56/.223 and a Mini-14 (bot in 1981) it also handles 5.56/.223. Love both guns would probably carry either of them. Also have a 10/22 with carry bag. That would be my backup.

Brad wrote:
July 21, 2014

Tough question. Let's say that if the zombies were overrunning the house and I had to run out the door, I'd be carrying my ak74. It may be a mixture of Eastern European surplus but it's what I could afford. Since buying it, I have never ceased to be impressed with its reliability and general toughness. I like it also that with it being 5mm, I can carry more rounds for the same weight as some of the lager guns. I have also went target shooting with friends that have AR's and I have found our accuracy to be similar. Granted, when I ran out of the house to escape the zombies my wife would be carrying my 30-30 Winchester :)

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