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I Have This Old Gun: Hotchkiss Portative Model 1914 MK1

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Gun of the Week: CMMG MK4 RCE I Have This Old Gun: Colt AR-15 SP1 Gun of the Week: Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe 28-Gauge
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10 Ways to Manage Recoil

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Here are 10 suggestions for taking the kick out of your next trip to the range or field.

Shooting the Kimball

If ever there was a gun idea that had every chance in the world of going wild, the Kimball pistol was it

Lock, Stock & Barrel: Daniel Defense DDM4 V9 LW

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach highlights the features of the Daniel Defense DDM4 V9 LW, barrel to buttstock.

Army’s Horner Wins First Trijicon World Shooting Championship

The staff sergeant bested a field of 159 amateur and professional competitive shooters from around the world in the inaugural multi-discipline, multi-platform marathon shooting event.

Winchester Launching New Deer Season XP Rifle Load in 2015

SHOT Show remains months away—and the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers show still weeks out—but that hasn't stopped Winchester from showing off what's sure to be one of its hottest new wares in 2015: Deer Season XP.

Tough Year

The NRA attracts some extremely talented individuals. Unfortunately we lost another valuable member of the team this month.

Gallery: 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship

Earlier this month, Shooting Illustrated's Jay Grazio had the opportunity to pay a first-hand visit to the 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship. Get an inside look at the event with this gallery.

Daniel Defense Named One of Fastest-Growing Private U.S. Companies

With infrastructure in place, the company is set to institute long-term growth plans.

Liberty Safe Desiccant Mini-Canister

I ran this stuff through the wringer in testing—well, not really, because the moisture is baked out instead of it being squeezed dry.

Zeiss Terra ED 10X 42 mm Binocular

How did Zeiss—known for its image quality and a price point to match—pull off an optic worthy of its logo with a down-to-earth price?

SIG Sauer 1911 .22 LR Conversion Kit

Be one of the first callers to purchase the kit and receive a free pistol bag.

CVA Hunter

When CVA upgraded its Scout model, it left a niche for a no-frills, value-priced, entry-level rifle.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60X 80 mm

The Legend HD is a standout in the realm of affordable high-powered spotting scopes for serious long-range work.

Defensive Holster Concerns

Being able to access your defensive handgun with one hand is important in a real-world scenario.

Savage Package Rifles: Ready, Right out of the Box

Three different rifles, complete with riflescopes already mounted and boresighted, make up Savage’s new package rifle line. Rugged, economical and capable of decent accuracy, what’s not like?

It’s Time to Believe in the Good Guys

If you haven't seen NRA's latest campaign to preserve our values and protect our freedom, you need to check it out now. “It's time to believe in the good guys again. We are the 5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association of America. Join us."

The Armed Citizen® September 14, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Trijicon World Shoot Winds Down

After such an unqualified success as the Trijicon World Championship, it's obvious that Peacemaker has succeeded in its mission to bring excellence in a variety of shooting experiences to the masses.

Trijicon World Shooting Championship

Some of the biggest names in shooting and firearms are in attendance at the Peacemaker National Training Center competing for more than $100,000 in prize money.

Henry Repeating Arms Donates Custom Rifles to Benefit Kansas Girl

To aid a 4-year-old girl battling serious lung disease, Henry Repeating Arms has created a custom series of it Frontier .22 Lever-Actions, with proceed going to the child's medical expenses.

The Armed Citizen® September 12, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

Nitrogen-Purged Ammo?

Seriously, someone at Federal Premium must have been in a meeting and said (while laughing), “Desiccants, we don’t need no stinking desiccants.”

Pyramyd Air Giveaway

It’s not too late to get in on the Pyramyd Air “Son Of A Gun Giveaway.”

So, Where’s My KSG? Kel-Tec Going Flat Out

Why can't you find Kel-Tec's KSG shotgun on your dealers' shelves? Because other folks are buying them before you do.

Gallery: Kel-Tec and the KSG

Despite Internet rumors, Kel-Tec is in full production of its KSG. Check out the images in this gallery for proof.

A Tribute to a Quiet Hero

It's a Throwback Thursday we wish we didn't have in our archives. Originally published in Feb. 2002, American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief Mark Keefe delivered a tribute to a member of the NRA family who lost his life on September 11, 2001 at the hand of unspeakable evil. The featured image is from the 9-11 Memorial in New York City.

Freedom Will Be Defended

Originally published in November 2001 after the 9-11 attacks on several U.S. targets, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre's words are as resolute and relevant today as they were then.

Colt Third Model Dragoon

This Third Model, pitted and roughly cleaned, is in NRA Fair Condition with less than 10 percent of its finish remaining. So what's it worth?

Lock, Stock & Barrel: Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

It doesn't take long to empty a 30-round AR-15 magazine; reloading them, well, that's a different story—until now, that is. Check out this handy device from Caldwell.

Press ... Don't Squeeze: A Writer's Journey

Don’t you hate it when a writer or a television show makes a mistake describing a gun? Here a New York Times bestselling author takes you through his journey and how he uses firearms in his thrillers.

Quick Rifle Clean-up

Here's an all-in-one easy method of disposing dirty patches.

Paranoid or Prepared?

Guy Sagi is not buying into the claims that ISIS will commemorate the 13th anniversary of 9-11 with an attack in the United States, however….

NEW! Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle .223 Rem./5.56 NATO

Watch video here! Adapted from the .308 platform, the Ruger GSR retains many of the features found in its original chambering.

Gallery: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO

Ruger made some clever modifications to its original Gunsite Scout Rifle to accommodate the new cartridge. Check out the gallery here.

Cheaper Than Dirt! Best Bug-Out Bag Contest

Shop for survival gear on the site and you could win everything you put in your cart. Get the details here.

The Armed Citizen® September 7, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

The Armed Citizen® September 5, 2014

Read three more amazing stories of self-defense in the latest online edition of The Armed Citizen®.

A Look Back: Colt New Frontier Scout

Dave Campbell says this is one revolver that should never be allowed to die.

Touring Astra

During a visit to the historic Astra plant in northern Spain, Wiley Clapp came across unexpected finds in the armory.

Swiss 1911 Clamp-On Scope Mount

Swiss Products clamp-on scope mount facilitates the use of optics with Swiss Model 1911 military rifles,“K11” carbines and some earlier models as well.

The FN Browning 1910 Pistol and The Great War

On June 28, 1914, seven students in Sarajevo set out to assassinate Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Armed with bombs and four FN Model 1910 pistols, they set in motion one of the world’s greatest conflicts.

NRA Weekend at Cabela's 2014

Join Cabela’s for its 2014 NRA Weekend Sept. 13-14 for free seminars and special NRA membership incentives.

Happy Trails Foundation Gun Raffle

Dedicated to Edward Bohlin, silversmith and “saddlemaker to the stars,” the Silver Screen Legend XVII gun drawing features a pair of Colt wheelguns and a rig inspired by his leatherwork.

Adding Sling Swivels to the Ruger 10/22 Takedown

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular rimfire rifles of all time, yet out of the box it is not highly accessorized. Here's how to add a set of sling swivels.

SIG Sauer Offers Limited Run of Rare SG 553 Pistols for U.S. Market

For the first time in decades, SIG Sauer is importing a limited number of the famed Swiss Arms SG 553 pistols.

Changing the Rail on a Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Associate Editor Joe Kurtenbach shows you how easy it is to change out the factory rail on a Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle.

This Week on American Rifleman TV: Sept. 3, 2014

Concluding its four-part series, “The Handguns of August,” this week's focus is on handguns used by British and Commonwealth troops, including the venerable line of top-break Webley revolvers.

Ruger Launches "New Unannounced Product" Flash Sweepstakes

Win a new Ruger and have it by Sept. 8, 2014.

American Rifleman TV Schedule September 2014

This month, we continue our in-depth look at handguns used by the Great Powers in the opening months of the Great War, a conflict in which more than 16 million lives were lost.

Tetra Gun Care Powder Solvent

Tetra Gun Powder Solvent is an ammonia-free, concentrated cleaning solvent specifically to remove powder and carbon fouling.


By Dave Campbell
July 08, 2014

Dave Campbell offers a look at the most popular all-around sporting cartridges.

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Latest Comments

shootbrownelk wrote:
September 06, 2014

John Thomas, thanks for your service...but you never heard of Dave Campbell? Really? You don't read magazines much huh? As far as the .375 H&H goes, if you reload and I do, you can load 210/235 gr. barnes X bullets and use it for anything. It's been around a long long time because it works.

Terry wrote:
September 05, 2014

I read this article and noticed a couple things. One, four of the five cartridges are of U.S. origin. secondly why include three .30 caliber cartridges? You could argue that the .30-06, and the .30-30 could both be replaced with the .308 Winchester. Granted the .30-06 has a little more versatility than the .308 since it has a wider range of bullet weights available and to include both the '06 and .308 would be redundant. So the '06 should probably get the nod here because it can almost match the .300 Win Mag in performance. But the fact remains that the .308 is a shorter cartridge and therefore fits in shorter actions like the .30-30. It is available in the Browning BLR for lever fans, and there are lots of Savage 99s out there as well. The .30-30 is more versatile than some realize, but the .308 has to be favored here. But again, why include three .30 caliber cartridges. I would suggest a U.S. cartridge that has been around longer than any of the others might be considered too; the .45-70. It has transitioned well from black powder to modern powders. In modern rifles it can be loaded to take any game in North America. So If going with only one .30 caliber cartridge the .30-06 gets the nod. I would go with the .338 Win Mag over the .300. And I would add the .45-70 to the list. Finally I would drop the 375 H & H and add the .25-06 or .243 Winchester for the lower end of the power range. That's my list for what it's worth.

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