Holsters 101

If you think there's a wide variety of handguns to choose from these days, wait until you get a load of all the holsters and retention systems folks have devised for carrying them. While it's not possible to review every option on the market, here is an introduction to some of the more common holster types available.

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15 Responses to Holsters 101

Aaron Tesch wrote:
February 22, 2013

Mitch Rosen makes the very best holsters money can buy.

Lang wrote:
January 16, 2013

Correction: The Tonto is only available in black or coyote -

Lee wrote:
December 17, 2012

Tried the Blackhawk SERPA. Fit my Glock 26 perfectly but it's not a concealed carry holster, way too "thick". Great for open carry. Going to look at Uncle Mikes Reflex holster to see if it's any closer fit.

Dale wrote:
November 07, 2012

Also if using any holster connected to a belt, you need a good belt. Stiff leather or other material that holds the holster in place.

jimmyjet wrote:
November 05, 2012

Quite a nice display fo 1960's through 1980's holsters. The next time you're serious about an article on holsters, include more Kydex. Among the knowledgable, Kydex is the only way to go for field, tactical or concealed carry.

JP wrote:
November 05, 2012

Some vertical holsters are muzzle-up (into your arm pit) I had custom made "FBI rig", made I recollect by Steadman Saddlery, Houston TX (in 1974) for my Charter Arms .44 Spl Bulldog. It held the completely enclosed revolver trigger guard to the rear, was very concealable, had excellent retention and was quick to draw from. To ensure reliable retention I believe this muzzle-up type rig would only be suitable for really light weight "snubby" handguns (the Bulldog was 19oz empty)

Thomas wrote:
November 02, 2012

I also use the clipdraw.

Brian Duffee wrote:
November 02, 2012

I would've like to have seen a couple of clothing holsters like the 5.1 and maybe a vest or jacket, but enjoyed the article and the links to a few manufacturers. One of my favorite holster makers is Tucker Gun Leather out of Texas, solid rigs from a true craftsman.

Jeff wrote:
November 02, 2012

Don't be afraid to ask your local gun dealer. Tell them what you want to carry, and how you intend to carry it. My first holster was recommended by by my local dealer, and it was and still is perfect.

Sheri Olson wrote:
November 02, 2012

I couldn't agree more. Do you have to carry it holstered if you have your CCW? I find its more comfortable just sticking it into my jean pocket.

JR wrote:
November 01, 2012

Every bullet, so true. My preferred carry gun I have six different carry methods not including concealment t-shirts. Excellent reading. Thanks for posting.

Graham wrote:
November 01, 2012

I wear my CZ 75B in a Combat Master from Galco Gunleather on a regular basis. It is a fantastic holster but as with all holsters, a solid belt of proper width is a must.

Mike W. wrote:
November 01, 2012

If you are a LEO or Security Guard you might be carrying a handgun for hours and hours; but in today's world there are so many places you cannot carry in that you will likely only be actually carrying it for short periods of time. So save all that money the article suggests you spend it on additional range time to increase your ability.

Jeff Royall wrote:
November 01, 2012

I have been using the ' Clipdraw ' universal adhesive type for more than a decade for concealed carry. I currently have a ' Clipdraw ' installed on a Ruger LCP 380, a Smith & Wesson Shield 9 mm, and a Springfield XDS 45 acp. Do yourself a favor, check these out. For around $20.00 you can't beat them for concealability.

Mike wrote:
November 01, 2012

BLACKHAWK! If it's good enough for the military, it's good enough for me. Something for everyone.