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A Look Back: The Smith & Wesson Model 48

Most of today’s shooters have little to do with revolvers, but the wheelgun is not dead. Smith & Wesson has returned to making the Model 48 in its limited edition Classic series.


American Rifleman TV: Making the SIG P224

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Gun of the Week: Remington Model 1911 R1 Enhanced A Double-Barreled 1911: The AF2011-A1 I Have This Old Gun: Smith & Wesson Model 1913
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SIG Sauer 1911 .22 LR Conversion Kit

Be one of the first callers to purchase the kit and receive a free pistol bag.

Defensive Holster Concerns

Being able to access your defensive handgun with one hand is important in a real-world scenario.

A Look Back: Colt New Frontier Scout

Dave Campbell says this is one revolver that should never be allowed to die.

The FN Browning 1910 Pistol and The Great War

On June 28, 1914, seven students in Sarajevo set out to assassinate Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Armed with bombs and four FN Model 1910 pistols, they set in motion one of the world’s greatest conflicts.

Beretta Tennessee Groundbreaking

American Rifleman's Mark Keefe is on site at Gallatin, Tenn., for the groundbreaking ceremony of Beretta's new manufacturing facility. He will be filing a full report later today.

Buy a Ruger, Get Free Ammo and Magazine

Purchase a new LCP or SR22 between now and Nov. 30, 2014 to qualify for this promotion.


By NRA Staff
May 31, 2013

Choosing a carry gun can be one of the most difficult decisions a firearms owner can ever face. You have to consider stopping power, capacity, comfort, safety and sheer practicality. It’s a balancing act, and one worthy of careful consideration. Here are 10 choices made by some of the editors and contributors in NRA Publications. What did (or will) you choose? Let us know.

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Latest Comments

John wrote:
August 25, 2014

During my law enforcement years I carried a Walther PPKin 380 as an off duty weapon. Now I carry an S&W M&P Shield .40. It is light and has a bigger punch.

Jim Carroll wrote:
May 21, 2014

Springfield Arms XD-S .45 cal, 3.3 inch barrel, with 7 rd. extended clip. 'One shot to stop'. I also occasionally add my full-size S&W M&P9, with 17 rd. clips; shoots well and feels so natural in my hand. Both guns have Crimson Trace lasers.

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