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Do It (Mostly) Yourself Custom Revolver Project

There is just something about a large, powerful hunting revolver, especially one that you, mostly, customize yourself.


Gun of the Week: Remington R51

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Gun of the Week: Remington Model 1911 R1 Enhanced A Double-Barreled 1911: The AF2011-A1 I Have This Old Gun: Smith & Wesson Model 1913
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Lipsey's Exclusive Ruger Bisley Super Blackhawk .44 Mag.

This short-barreled single-action packs a punch for personal protection in the great outdoors.

Smith & Wesson Model 351C Review

S&W’s Model 351c is the new solid-frame .38 Spl. hammerless revolver which is the latest variation of the Centennial design. See the full review here.

When You Really Need to Bug Out

Being ready to quickly exit a dangerous situation requires more than having a bag with a few necessities stashed in the closet.

What’s in your Bug-Out Bag?

The items in a bug-out bag should be personalized for specific needs, but certain gear is required for everyone.

Diamondback Firearms Announces DB FS Nine Pistol

Diamondback has introduced a full-size, polymer handgun in 9 mm, with a stainless-steel slide, double-stack magazine and ergonomic grip.

Frontline Quad Holster

The Frontline Quad is a versatile leather/Kydex holster that allows IWB and OWB use by both right- and left-hand shooters.


By NRA Staff
May 31, 2013

Choosing a carry gun can be one of the most difficult decisions a firearms owner can ever face. You have to consider stopping power, capacity, comfort, safety and sheer practicality. It’s a balancing act, and one worthy of careful consideration. Here are 10 choices made by some of the editors and contributors in NRA Publications. What did (or will) you choose? Let us know.

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Latest Comments

Floyd wrote:
March 30, 2014

The pistol that I carry may or may not be suitable for another person. What I believe is important is what the person feels comfortable carrying. If the pistol is not on your person, it is useless. Don't get me started on which holster to use.....

Mike wrote:
March 29, 2014

Ninety nine percent of the time I carry a S&W M&P shrouded hammer snubbie ( 340 ) in an Alessi IWB holster loaded with Buffalo Bore 38 + P lswc hollow points. When entering high crime areas I also carry my M&P 40 compact in another Alessi holster.

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