Winchester Model 1873

If you read enough gun magazines or watch any outdoor-themed TV shows, you’ve no doubt noticed that there’s no real shortage of firearm models that are designated “iconic” or “legendary.” And, hey, most of those guns are very much deserving of such superlatives. There are just a select few firearms, however, that have risen to such a level that they receive a moniker all their own. One of them, of course, is the “Gun that Won the West,” more commonly known as the Winchester Model 1873.

Now, nearly a century after being discontinued by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, shooters once again have the opportunity to purchase a Model 1873 that comes complete with the Winchester name stamped on the barrel. The “new” Model 73 is available in two variations—the Model 1873 Short Rifle and the Model 1873 Sporter Case Hardened.

You can learn more about the 1873 Short Rifle in the video below, hosted by Associate Online Editor Shawn Skipper.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: .357 Mag. (.38 Spl.)
Action Type: lever-action, center-fire repeating rifle
Receiver: blued steel
Barrel: 20", round
Rifling: six-groove, 1:183⁄4" RH twist
Magazine: tubular under-barrel, 10-round capacity (11 rounds of .38 Spl.)
Sights: Marble’s gold bead front, semi-buckhorn rear elevator adjustable for elevation; drift adjustable for windage
Trigger: single-stage, 3-lb., 14-oz. pull
Stock: oil-stained walnut: length of pull, 13", drop at heel, 3"; drop at comb, 1¾"
Overall Length: 39"
Weight: 7 lbs., 4 ozs.
MSRP: $1,300 (Short Rifle), $1,580 (Case Hardened)

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6 Responses to Winchester Model 1873

John P wrote:
December 23, 2013

Where in the article or photos, does it say the gun is made in Japan? I'm not seeing it.

Freddy wrote:
November 08, 2013

I 100[%] agree with Mike..nice rifle but.....

Mike wrote:
November 07, 2013

I agree with John. This is supposed to be the gun that won the west--the west of America not Japan. Make it here and I'll think about it.

Robert Augeri wrote:
November 06, 2013

Winchester should wake up to selling rifles from Japan and then into the USA. Henry rifle is a smooth action and is a great American made rifle with a great customer service. I bought a .22 rifle with an octagon barrel and had a problem an was corrected with no problem. Henry comes with a LIFE TIME guarantee and comes in many calibers, prices vary by caliber. Made in the USA with a life time guarantee free offer this.

John wrote:
November 06, 2013

I am sorry. A Japanese Winchester for 1500 plus. I don't think so. If I feel the need, an American made Henry at 1/3 the price will be what I buy.

Dan Sinkler wrote:
November 05, 2013

Why only .357 mag you need to produce it in .45 long colt as well as 44-40 and throw in a modern caliber. Dan.