Thought on CCWs

Apparently, enough American gun owners are making their feelings known to the politicians, because the majority of states have enacted laws that permit some form of CCW permits. Better yet, there is a bill under consideration that would require all states to honor permits issued by other states. This is a positive step forward and is much closer to the day when every American can be licensed to carry if he or she so chooses. I have no trouble understanding the intent of the 2nd Amendment, but politicians sometimes have difficulty fully grasping some very simple language. So we have to spend all kinds of time and money. OK, so be it—but we are making progress.

Depending on where you live, there is a certain amount of expense and effort involved in getting your license. Do you want to do this? Is it important enough for you to put up with the hassle? You'll have to answer this one for yourself, but I would like to offer a different perspective on the now common CCW permit. I believe that all Americans who treasure their rights should go through the process. And that applies to every gun owner, whether they need or desire to carry a handgun. In other words, go get the permit, renew it as often as is needed and you are always legal. This is not necessarily done to benefit you personally, but it will have a positive effect on the system. Simply stated, the more handgunners who have a CCW, the harder it will be to take it away from them. If you support the idea of a CCW permit, go get yours.

Understand that having a permit does not require you to carry a concealed handgun at all times, but does permit you to do so when you feel the need. You may live in a community that is essentially peaceful, so guns are not routinely required. But when some perceived threat comes along, it may be comforting to drop a quality handgun into pocket or purse—legally. I would be a lot happier knowing that there are many more armed citizens with a working understanding of the limits of power.

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5 Responses to Thought on CCWs

modernsamurai wrote:
October 24, 2012

i cant agree more w/this article,when wiley's right ,he's right!but please keep in mind when advocating ccw to folks,that not all citizens can afford to get a ccw permit in todays economy!as important as ccw is,i would rather folks kids eat,than speak up for the 2nd ammendment in a monetary way.js

Glenn L. White wrote:
October 19, 2012

I'll "Wildley Clapp" to this one, I live in Illinios, I got my CCW years ago, to have one,just so they ca'nt take it away. I can't use it. It's good for nothing where I live. I do'nt give a whip, But I can use it in a lot of other places like next door in Indiana where if I did'nt have one, I could'nt shoot my handgun at an outdoor range. I figured if I have it, they ca'nt take it. I can also use it in about 34 other states' I think, It's hard to make sure when every politition keeps changing things. So Ladies as the wind ruffles your dress, go get one, they can't take it away, and you'll allways have it ""Lawfully" if ya feel the need. It's a very easy process, Find where they will provide the 4 HR. training session, thake your prints and picture, and the application for the respective state you prefer, Fla. or Utah, may be more by now. Gotta go check when my auto renewal is due! Happy shooting, G.W. & I'll "Clapp" to that!

Ed wrote:
October 16, 2012

Why does one need a special permit? We already have a permit. It's called the "Second Amendment".

Moose wrote:
October 16, 2012

What an illuminating article! I, for one, will encourage other gun owners to get their permits, even it they don't intend to carry. The sheer number of permits issued should catch the attention of anti-2nd amendment politicians and hopefully awaken them to what the constitution says.

Pete wrote:
October 11, 2012

I must respectfully disagree that "politicians sometimes have difficulty fully grasping some very simple language." You are being much to generous to them. They understand very well that the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from them becoming tyrants. That is why they lie and twist words and talk about "hunting" and "sporting purposes" and other excuses to disarm us.