Taurus Model 85 Protector Polymer

We’re all used to seeing semi-auto pistols made partly of polymer, but the use of advanced plastics in a revolver frame is a relatively new idea. Taurus is one company that blends the high-tech with the traditional in its Protector Polymer.

The Protector Polymer is based on the small-frame Taurus Model 85 revolver, and you’ll notice some similarities between the two. For example, the Protector Polymer, like the Model 85, has a five-round cylinder and is rated to handle .38 Spl. +P ammunition. Other likenesses include a barrel that is a bit less than 2 inches long, an exposed hammer that operates in conjunction with a transfer bar and a frame-mounted firing pin, and a round-butt frame.

But rather than using steel or aluminum for the frame like the Model 85, the Protector Polymer relies on—you guessed it—polymer. This isn't your father's revolver. Learn more about the Protector Polymer in the video below, hosted by Shooting Illustrated's Adam Heggenstaller.

Technical Specifications:

Action Type: Double Action
.38 S&W Special +P
Capacity: 5
Barrel Length: 2½"
18.2 oz
Red Fiber-Optic Front
MSRP: $349

For Further Reading:

Taurus Protector Polymer Revolver


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5 Responses to Taurus Model 85 Protector Polymer

Kim K Tate wrote:
March 24, 2014

The gun has worked fine for me and I have had it about a year. No problems and with the big rubber grip shoots real soft.

noodles wrote:
March 20, 2014

Finally bought one of these and was pleasantly surprised. Fairly accurate for a snubby.

noodles wrote:
June 29, 2013


Mitchell3006 wrote:
June 27, 2013

Had a friend pick one up and we returned it to the factory within the first ten rounds. Cylinder did not stay in line with the barrel when the trigger was pulled in double action. Shaved parts off of the bullets throwing fragments out the side. We will see how they fix it...

larry leasor wrote:
June 24, 2013

I picked up one for my wife and she loves it!!!