SIG Sauer P227

Not content with the launch of the innovative MPX line or the release of its new suppressors, SIG Sauer also unveiled a new handgun at SHOT Show 2013: the P227. A double-stack .45-caliber addition to an already classic line of the pistols, the P227 offers a 10+1 capacity in its standard magazine and a 14+1 capacity in its extended duty magazine.

The P227 sports dimensions similar to the company's iconic P226 platform, offering a big-bore cartridge without a large grip diameter. The P227 will also work in almost any holster made for railed P220 or P226 models.

Mark Keefe got the complete rundown on the P227 at Media Day at the Range. Get your own look with the video below:

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6 Responses to SIG Sauer P227

craig wrote:
March 25, 2014

i bought this gun in the equinox finish, and i have to say, its awesome! groups well and is exactly like shooting my 226 but with the added .45 punch!

Donn Sinclair wrote:
March 24, 2014

Nice piece, but only two rounds more than a standard 220? Seems a whole lot about not much.

Doc Parker wrote:
October 27, 2013

Blah, Blah, blah. Lets see some shooting results.... Then I'll think about buying. Why buy an expensive gun that shoots like crap?

Artemus McCrea wrote:
February 27, 2013

I would have appreciated a closer look at the p227 itself. And less gabbing.

Stephen Biering wrote:
January 23, 2013

I told my wife that I am done buying guns. She didn't believe me. It took Sig Sauer to make me understand why she didn't believe me.

James Vice wrote:
January 16, 2013

Great just in time for the gun ban.