North American Arms Sidewinder .22 Mag.

North American Arms' mini revolvers have long been a favorite for individuals in need of the most concealable handguns available. These ultra-compact, single-action wheel guns are available with a variety of barrel lengths, sight systems and grip sizes, but most of them have one feature in common. The cylinder pin has to be pulled free of the frame and the cylinder removed from the revolver in order to reload.

The new single-action Sidewinder Mini Revolver, scheduled for introduction at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, features a swing-out cylinder connected to a frame-mounted crane arm. The cylinder falls to the right side of the revolver when the cylinder pin is pulled forward to release it from the frame. With the cylinder to the side, the cylinder pin actuates an ejector star to eject spent cartridges. The addition of these new features to the Sidewinder has increased the weight of the revolver by only a fraction of an ounce in comparison to the standard .22 Mag. mini, but reloading will be a much faster and simpler process.

The first Sidewinders off the line will be chambered for .22 Mag. only, but .22 Long Rifle conversion cylinder assemblies will not be far behind. The pre-production model shown here is fitted with a 1 5/8-inch barrel, but the development team is working to make a shorter barrel available. Other features include a stainless-steel frame, laminated rosewood grips, a bead front sight and a newly developed cylinder shroud for an estimated MSRP of $349 Look for the Sidewinder to arrive on your dealer's shelves mid-summer of 2012.

NAA Sidewinder

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20 Responses to North American Arms Sidewinder .22 Mag.

Tamara dagenais wrote:
November 24, 2014

I found my sidewinder on, and is well worth the investigation!

magnum starr wrote:
December 07, 2013

Have bought a Sidewinder Nov. 2013. It is a great and accurate gun. My only problem has been with the cylinder crane jumping out of the engagement latch. This happens about the third shot when rapid firing. Being a gunsmith I solved the problem by designing and building a special latch that slides over the knurled thumb piece and attaches to it. When this piece is turned and engaged the crane cannot come loose. It also makes opening and closing easy. I also have made a real neat Clip holster for it. If any one wants more info. E-mail at

Gary Williams wrote:
May 18, 2013

Where are these swing out cylinder firearms, I've got 4 gun stores I buy from and none can get me one

Dick wrote:
April 29, 2013

I have the old model that has to have the cylinder removed to load. I look forward to finding one of these.

Matt Matthews wrote:
February 19, 2013

Beutiful weapon alittle priceie

Paul wrote:
November 28, 2012

I'll be wanting one of these.

art greenberg wrote:
September 24, 2012

Top break, side break, and when will the bottom break show up ? And where is the double stack micro 22mag automatic w/internal alternating red/green/laser + micro illuminating strobe w alternate tear gas rounds ??? All kidding aside when can I get mine I have most models and want this one also.......

Colby wrote:
June 04, 2012

I was one of the people who purchased NAA's break action Ranger model only to discover that the design milled away so much material supporting the bottom of the forcing cone that it split on the first shot. Since that was a design issue rather than an issue with materials I requested a refund and NAS quickly sent me a check in gentlemanly fassion. Now it looks like they have inteoduced a new design that strengthens that area and addresses those old issues. Given my excelent experience with their customer service department, I Will definitely be getting a sidewinder as a Naa looks to have fully redeemed itself with this one.

Capt. Dave wrote:
May 24, 2012

This new gun is perfect opens to the left or right , who cares .the fact is the gun will Load quicker especially for plinking !!!

Capt. Dave wrote:
May 24, 2012

This new gun is perfect opens to the left or right , who cares .the fact is the gun will Load quicker especially for plinking !!!

Jimmy wrote:
May 24, 2012

I just traded a Llama .380 Micromax for a new NAA .22 mag. I basically needed it for conceal carry when my other pistols wont work with my outfit, or the place I happen to be carrying. Havent had this pistol for two weeks, and just saw this advertisement. DANG!!! Now I need this pistol also. I really would have loved to had the Ranger .22, because of its cool looks, but this Sidewinder would be awesome if the loading mechanism is sturdy. Is it just me though, but doesnt the MSRP seem a little steep?? Most gun shops are going to sell them for $350 to $400. I think $275 to $300 would be more reasonable, especially if they add a .22 LR cylinder with the deal!! Just my two cents worth........

Mack Missiletoe wrote:
May 14, 2012

I was checking out the North American Arms 1860 Earl and 1860 Hogleg. (they are also nice)I ran into this on their forums. Well Surprise, surprise! Wowzers what a neat little SA revolver. The only irk I see is the right-side hand ejection. I believe it opens on the right due to the design. Still, it's really neato and I plan to buy one--especially if it proves reliable and moreso if they make one that opens on the left side. The price is not bad, especially for a modern interpretation of the NAA Ranger. Have you seen the break-top Ranger? They are so cool, are discontinued, and cost about $500 I think. I wanted one but the price was too steep at the time. So a $300 (about) Sidewinder would make an affordable alternative to the NAA Ranger and the Ruger Bearcat. Especially if one is looking for a small fun hiking or backpack .22. I want mine in Magnum. I like .22lr but I love .22Magnum. I wonder if it comes with the conversion cylinder for $300 (about)?

D.J. wrote:
April 27, 2012

Throw my WASP away, Mike that piece is a work of art! But seriously I want the Sidewinder like you wouldn't believe. 28 year old guy here grinning like a kid at Christmas seeing this new piece. NAA is a great revolver and this piece will retire my Wasp to a show piece. My new yearly ccw backup piece and summer main carry gun.

Mike wrote:
April 25, 2012

If this works, throw your other ones away.

Lee wrote:
April 24, 2012

I realy like this little revolver and a hammer dose not sit on a live round is awsome. My wife will be picking up her CPL soon this would be perfect for her.

OK rattle snk wrote:
April 17, 2012

I want one! I need one! this one diffently is going to be a keeper.I own a NAA revolver that slides into its own handle.I' love to have a swing out cylinder NAA.

North East Chuck wrote:
April 14, 2012

Woody, that cylinder seems to swing out to the right, not the left

Left Coast Chuck wrote:
April 13, 2012

I want one! I want one! I just hope they get approved by the Peepuls Republik of Kaliforneeya for sale in our socially concerned but broke state.

Woody wrote:
April 12, 2012

I currently own 3 NAA revolvers and would definetly buy one of these, BUT with a left-swinging cylinder? I'll have to pass...

Joe Garrison (BBGun) wrote:
April 12, 2012

I can't wait to buy my 3.