Just Right Carbines

Just Right Carbines is known for its AR-style rifle and its ability to accept Glock magazines—and now the company has expanded its reach to another popular magazine style: the 1911. The latest version of the JR Carbine rifle is designed to accept single-stack 1911 magazines, making it a great plinking or home defense platform for those that already have plenty of 1911 mags in their collection.

The company has also released a new line of camouflage printed finish options, which can be seen in the image above.


• 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers
• Accepts Glock Magazines
• Overall length 33.5" extended (30.25" collapsed)
• Overall weight: 6.5 lbs.
• Accepts standard AR-15 accessories
• 100 percent American made
• California Models Available
• Ultra-low recoil
• Free-floating quadrail fore-end accepts any AR fore-end
• Telescoping 6 position buttstock

The designer of the carbines offers a complete breakdown in the video below:

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8 Responses to Just Right Carbines

Lawrence wrote:
November 27, 2013

When I first heard of this carbine I was so excited I did not do my research before dumping/throwing away my $720 hard earned money. I got it to the range, I was proud to have it and it turned out to be a huge embarrassing trip, this piece of crap was a major jamming. I quickly found out that jr carbine does not return emails but they do answer the phones, the lady was nice and I am sure she gets the crap from thousands of owners. I told her my problem and was polite to her because she didn't make the thing and she even offered to send a pickup ticket so shipping would not have cost me anything. She told me I could send it in or just send in the parts I thought was the problem and she would send me new parts on their dime. Long story short I finally fixed it thank me, no more jams and this thing ejects spent shells like a glock. Those of you that are having problems which no doubt is 99[%] of the owners know how great that is. I fixed this now a fantastic firearm, just as dependable as a glock. I know just about every owner is pissed about their jr carbine, it is a rifle that you want to love but the jams take over and you sell it to a person like me that just love the looks. I am not going to tell how and what I did because jr carbine still has not been able to figure it out and they have people with college degrees making the big bucks working there that cannot figure it out. I am not going to disclose the fix because jrc is not paying me for fixing their and turning it into a fantastic weapon, sorry. My serial # starts with a jrcv04xxxx. If you see serial #'s like so it is a jamming. The first serials start with just a jr and the jrcv's are the second generation 'I believe' of this fine rifle. I really enjoy this now, I will post a YouTube video in the near future to show how it spits out the spent shells and no jams. I am even considering a bump-fire stock something I know other owners will not even think about. Tell the jrc people when you call and complain about your jamomatic that I fixed it and why can they not do it as well. happy shooting.

Repo Tucson wrote:
September 13, 2013

I own a JR 9mm, gotta say its a fun rifle to shoot I use the glock stick clip and have several 17 rounders no jams highly accurate and something I would go to for home defense dot scope, laser and flashlight attach easily.. Shooting any ammo from plus p to ball ammo. Next conversion to s&w 40 rather carry same ammo for sidearm and tactical. Great job guys

Chris wrote:
July 26, 2013

What is .45 S&W?

Your NameCaly wrote:
July 22, 2013

Sig version soon?

Justin Thompson wrote:
January 27, 2013

Awesome, where would one go to purchase one of these?

Brian J. wrote:
January 21, 2013

Camron - Checkout JRC company's website FAQ section. They explain the update that now allows use of Plus-P ammo.

Camron abghari wrote:
January 17, 2013

Are they still unable to shoot +p ammo?

Justin Thompson wrote:
January 17, 2013

Awesome, where would one go to purchase one of these?