Helping Heroes

Firearm, ammunition and accessory makers throughout the country have long supported the efforts to salute American servicemen and women. Programs of all sizes and purposes have risen up to help touch the lives of those who protect so many.

It's not possible to recognize every single one of these programs in a single article, but here's a chance for you to help. If you know of any company, civic group, church, family or other entity that has worked to support both active military and veterans alike, please share.

Leave your contribution in the section below and we'll archive the stories, notes and photos received as a tribute to those who have sacrificed to safeguard our freedom.

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4 Responses to Helping Heroes

DeAngelo Williams wrote:
June 09, 2014

Oops I ment to say CCL. In the last post.

DeAngelo Williams wrote:
June 08, 2014

Thank god and my mother too. All is well. The case was decided in my favor. My sr9c, my cdl was given back, and im back on the range.

Deangelo Williams wrote:
May 03, 2013

I help my community daily. By giving back, by way oh giving coats to the homeless, money to those in need. I even give free martial arts lessons. Here is the kicker. I am black and live in Tulsa, oklahoma. I had my CCL for six months. I pulled my weapon feeling threatened by two pittbulls. I have just been given a new kidney. Now I am faceing three felonies over 60,000$ and I am now feeling like a fool.

Ed McBride wrote:
January 31, 2013

Since 2006, Operation Education® (OpEd)at the University of Idaho has been providing an open door and a helping hand to our country’s youngest generation of wounded warriors who wish to earn a college degree. OpEd offers a personalized, comprehensive range of services and supports that meet the needs of severely and permanently wounded veterans and their families enabling them to devote their energy to obtaining their degree in the shortest time possible. And not only does OpEd provide this service to veterans, but spouses who may serve as the family’s breadwinner may also