The SCAR family of rifles has served U.S. Special Operations Command units in the field for some time, and the Special Operations Combat Assault Rifle Heavy finally became available to consumers with the FN SCAR 17S.

A semi-automatic-only version of what's carried by active members of the military to this day, the SCAR 17S is chambered in .308 Win./7.62x51 mm NATO, making it larger and more powerful than the previously available SCAR 16S.

Adaptable, powerful and fun to shoot—and also the closest most civilians can come to military-level firearms—the FN SCAR 17S was an easy addition to the Gun of the Week series.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: .308 Win./7.62x51 mm NATO
Action Type: gas-operated, semi-automatic center-fire rifle
Receiver: aluminum upper and polymer lower
Barrel: 16¼", cold-hammer forged, chrome-lined
Rifling: six-groove, 1:12" RH twist
Magazine: 10- or 20-round detachable box
Trigger Pull: non-adjustable, single-stage; 6 lbs., 5 ozs.
Overall Length: 38.5" (buttstock extended), 28.5" buttstock folded
Weight: 8 lbs.
MSRP: $3,349

For Further Reading:

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33 Responses to FN SCAR 17S

Buzzy wrote:
September 08, 2014

just got back from the range shooting my new 17s. absolutely love this gun very smooth and linear feels very good in my hands. 50 yards with iron sights maintained a very tight pattern. I mean I was hitting the center accurately. shooting as good as my buddies with scopes possibly better. Recoil is very smooth not harsh. got some accurate hitting double taps out before the range officer said no can do .i put 70 rounds down range and loved every shot. could not keep the smile off my face. Had a lot of people at the range wanting to talk about this gun. Dark green earth color this is a good looking weapon. next time out will be @ 100 yards with iron sights cant wait. I Paid 2675 for mine with no regrets. This is one gun I will always own.

702BDR wrote:
September 05, 2014

$2,604 is the best price I could find at Impact Guns. Best review on the gun is by Nutnfancy on YouTube, IMO.

Michael wrote:
August 07, 2014

I've run about 800 rounds through mine with no stoppages even with filthy generic Russian ammo. The only issue I had was feeding from polymer mags. Save yourself a headache and spring for the factory mags.

Dan wrote:
July 29, 2014

Just bought a blk 17s with 1600 rnds of ammo (200rnd German battle packs mostly, 200 rnds match) for $3K, stole it basically. Shot it this weekend and was getting like 1-2 moa with iron sights. I wasn't sure I was going to keep it, but I'm pretty sure it's GTG. The mag prices suck though. I'll be trying the new polymer mags ASAP.

Dave wrote:
June 17, 2014

I've put about 1000 rounds through mine and never had any problems. Its crazy accurate and just fun to shoot. It's the best rifle out there in my opinion.

Ropy wrote:
March 26, 2014

Get over the price being cheap could get you killed

Paul wrote:
January 05, 2014

I just bought a 17s for $2650 NIB! :)

Eddie wrote:
November 27, 2013

I have the SCAR 17S and I love it is putting it mildly!! The only thing I worry about is the polymer lower standing up to the heat, and should I buy the Handi Defense Aluminum 7075 T6 lower that I can use P-Mags and other mags with?

Abe wrote:
July 14, 2013

I just baught the scar 17 in black for $2, 900 and it is very nice. A must have!

John wrote:
December 26, 2012

I own one of these and they are simply amazing. lighter than most model AR-15s and same recoil, with reliability of AK models, and long distance power and accuracy of sniper style rifles. this weapon can function effectively in any engagement. an eotech with a flip up 3x magnifier and ur good to go... hands down. Ive put 300 rounds through mine and its functioned 100% so far... even offsetting the rounds toward the front of the magazine has caused no failures using 150gr american eagle FMJBT ammo.

Jake wrote:
December 22, 2012

Where can I find one in that $2600 range?

Lorenzo wrote:
December 21, 2012

Just purchased 1 yesterday. Can't wait to go the shooting range this weekend. It's worth every penny.

John wrote:
December 20, 2012

I have two for night vision hog hunts. Shoots as soft as a 223 allowing for accurate repeat shots in groups and stops hogs like a bolt action out to 300 yards. Lighter and cleaner than an AR 10. Worth every penny.

Rudy wrote:
November 29, 2012

I have one and it is amazing. For everyone that doesn't own one and is saying "overpriced, doesn't do anything my ___ does for less," quit hating. It is the same as saying "your wife is too hot. She doesn't do anything better than my old wife." HAHA

Charlie wrote:
November 11, 2012

Just picked up one in black. It's absolutely amazing, and I would make the same purchase again without question. It draws a little to much attention at the range though. Everyone wants to come look at it and asks if they can shoot it.

BD Cooper wrote:
September 19, 2012

Just got mine and love it. Its not as bulky as it looks nor does it feel as heavy as so many people claim it does. Even though its a bit pricy I dont regret the purchase at all however, you would think that at the $3000 price point FN would provide more than 1 mag. They also did not include a sight tool to adjust the front flip up iron site.

scar-face wrote:
August 04, 2012

the difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys.

PH wrote:
July 15, 2012

Seen them at The Fort Worth gun show going for $2550. for black, $2600. for the tri-color...The price has started coming down a little...

nl wrote:
July 01, 2012

I bought a dillon 650 this year and my wife told me to get 308 dies so she could start shooting my sako trg more often..... got the scar for fathersday and I love it. Very low recoil for my 8yr old to shoot also. Very nice for rugged adjustable stock so that wife and sin can shoot. Overpriced but so was my sako.. both shoot great look mean... that's costs $$

Blade Runner 1776 wrote:
July 01, 2012

I'll eventually procure one, when the price comes down. I currently have a Bushmaster A3 in 5.56 and a DPMS Panther in .308 with a 20 inch heavy floating barrel. A taf heavy but accuracy is what I'm looking for. As I said before, when the price comes down, I'll get. Semper Fi!

Eric wrote:
June 23, 2012

Worth every penny. I love to shoot this rifle. The Military does use this rifle in the full auto version (Special Ops). This rifle is lightning quick back to target shot after shot.

Jason wrote:
June 23, 2012

I only make about 40 a year but I saved for six years for one of these and It Is worth every penny! any one who thinks other wise is a backwards thinking fool! I have owned an m-14, stg58, ar180, ar70, ar15, and many others. Beleive me when I say I know what this gun Is. unless you have done the same you should not let your mouth or un informed opinion burden the rest of us! PS If you are thinking to yourself the gun wasnt even available to the public 6 years ago , you are right. If you did the research how ever and contacted fn you would have known It was in the works.

Paul wrote:
June 20, 2012

I had a few diffident Ar-10 and AR 15s. All I ever did was try to make them preform like a $3,000+ rifle so i sold them to get a scar 17s. Best thing I probably ever done. I notice the MSRP was $3,349! Its not that much anymore you can find them for 2,600- 2,800. It seems when these highly anticipated rifles come out they know there are people that got money to blow and will buy anyway but in time it will probably get even lower.

Joe wrote:
June 16, 2012

Nice looking rifle, way overpriced, would rather have my M1A1 with 18" barrel and Redfield scope. Just 'cause it's new and looks different doesn't make it a better rifle.

FBH wrote:
June 05, 2012

I have one, and it is quite accurate, and has less recoil than my .308 Browning BLR. Do I need such power and capacity in semi-auto? Not right now, but why do I buy life insurance, or disability insurance? Becuase I have it if I need it later, and in the meantime, it is a rush to shoot.

Rich wrote:
June 05, 2012

definitely a feeding frenzy goin' on...back when I lived with m-16, s/n 926745 USA, VN, attached to my well being I never thought anyone would want such a weapon for plinking or otherwise. you took care of your rifle cause it took care of you.....but this is ridiculous!

Wag wrote:
June 04, 2012

Definitely overpriced....which is why you wait for a deal in the $2600 range. Black isn't in 3 colors luckily. Great rifle....very good accuracy and easy to clean and disassemble. Most comfortable 308 carbine I have ever shot. Recoil is minimal even with the light weight. Good Muzzle brake/Flash Suppressor.

noodles wrote:
June 03, 2012

The first thing I would do if I bought one of these rifles is to remove that oversized magazine well. However, it's way to expensive. Overpriced.

John Peschke wrote:
May 29, 2012

Really? When will it end. I like shooting as much as anyone, but why would anybody want to spend over $3,000.00 on an aluminum and plastic, semi-automatic .308 military wannabe gun??

Diver6106 wrote:
May 29, 2012

I have its predecessor, the FN FAL. But I wonder why they didn't go to a bull-pup design, as did the French & British.

Jim Coker wrote:
May 29, 2012

It is a nicely thought out platform in a good caliber, but for the money I could buy a good AR and an M1A that's tricked out.

JD wrote:
May 29, 2012

Would look a lot better if it wasn't three different colors, or is that some feeble attempt at camouflage? Don't get me wrong, I want one, but it looks like they ran out of the same color crayon when making this thing. Not to mention it's too darn expensive.

dave wrote:
May 29, 2012

Such a beautiful assault rifle definitely on my list for purchase.