Carry Vests

For years, gunwriters have been emphatic in their opinion that vests used by concealed-gun carriers practically scream "gun." But I’m not so certain. Sure, tactical vests are unneeded in almost every situation that doesn’t require kicking down a door, but that doesn’t mean that all vests are bad for carry advocates.

In fact, vests are quite popular, considering how many companies produce and sell them in fleece, denim, leather and down-filled nylon. With so many different types available, why would anyone assume that only gun owners wear vests? Leather vests are often worn in the West in dressier situations, and in the Midwest, down vests are used for additional warmth during the three seasons that are not hot.

I personally love fleece vests in the fall and spring for the both their lightweight warmth and effectiveness in concealing a gun. I have a Ducks Unlimited vest in black that I have worn in many places, and I really don’t think anyone has ever realized that I’m carrying, especially with the DU logo emblazened on the chest. Vests with sports team logos are another way to disquise that you're carrying. I’m currently searching for one for alma mater, Ole Miss, to supplement my wardrobe.

Vests can be a useful tool for covering your gun while still being fashionable. Companies like Cabela's, Woolrich and even the NRA Store sell quite a variety, including some with a holster sewn into the vest.

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1 Response to Carry Vests

Walkin trails wrote:
September 29, 2012

I am a big proponent of the word 'concealed' in concealed carry. When an item of apparel used to hide a legally carried handgun, it is easy to spot by the trained professional and the not so conventionally trained criminal. Case in point was the original Cabalas vest. I even have one somewhere. At one point 10-15 years ago you could spot a member of an unnamed national law enforcement agency by the best and the Royal Robin trousers. Fanny packs are the same way. I haven't examined any of the more current products other than the 5.11 vest, but some of them do stand out. My best concealment vest was a light nylon from North Face marketed for golf apparel (remember what Cooper said about golf courses). It didn't have the fancy hidden pockets, and the two hand pockets were worthless for anything unless you enjoyed having to run back and retrieve it off the ground, but it sure worked to conceal my pistols without anyone making me.